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As a result of treatment sessions with the crystal the overriding comments made by clients and their perception of the treatment are that it creates a sense of calm and peace quite different to their normal demeanour. It seems to create better sleep, better relationships with others and improved sense of self, a strengthened immune system, greater clarity and peace of mind, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Life definitely 'flows' better as a result of this work.

See What People Are Saying

"I have had various treatments in my life from the more 'alternative' complementary sector, and found this to be the most powerful. However it works, it works!"

See What People Are Saying

"I do feel quite balanced and well now from the treatments I have had. I have improved with my sleep patterns and I have not had any hot sweats either! I will most definitely carry on with this!"

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I have worked with over 320 clients using Crystal Therapy over a five year period using a variety of methods of treatment but latterly with what has become Emotional Wave Therapy. These clients have had a range of physical, psychological and wellbeing issues declared to me in advance on a completed Questionnaire or via email. Whilst the greatest effect has always been on their state of wellbeing, clients have also reported to me situations such as the end to their Panic Attacks, growing hair after years of Alopecia, a large reduction in ME symptoms, big changes to their structural system with no obvious other input, and so on. I am obviously pleased to hear these reports though have made no guarantees of success initially. There is definitely some form of change happening with their crystal treatment and in some cases the change can be profound and life altering. I will continue to develop this mode of therapy to hopefully achieve more in the physical realm of health in the future.

What Should I Do Now?

I am hoping that from everything that you have read that you have a good understanding of what this service is all about, the way that it is delivered, and how it can 'empower' you in your own Holistic Health at home. 

If you need further information or advice please use the Contact Page of this site to send me an email. 

If you would like to go ahead however and order a treatment pack then please read the 'small print' below 

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Some 'Small Print' to read before buying:

When you have read all parts of this website and are ready to buy this product I would ask you please to consider that this a course of treatments, for best effectiveness. It works progressively over a series of crystal sessions self administered. Assessments of one's progress via the target note sheets  are a beneficial way of monitoring progress after each crystal session. It is important to establish how effective the treatments are becoming and the stage that one has reached. Treatments are important to remove energy from your body and auras but further treatments are also important to ensure that energy mobilised from the cells during this work is also removed. This is particularly the case at the beginning of your work with the crystal. Sometimes symptoms at the beginning can appear to become more obvious or worsen slightly but this should be regarded as a beneficial sign of change occurring and a readiness for this energy to be removed in subsequent treatments. If you are at all concerned I would ask you to be in touch to request advice. It is not a replacement for any medical treatment that you may presently be undertaking but you may wish to review your progress with your medical doctor possibly as a result of positive changes that take place.

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