Forget what you already know about Crystal Therapy.

Put aside your shop bought crystals for now, as lovely as they are.

This is not Crystal Therapy as you know it!

Prepare for an altogether different type of treatment, where you are in control of your health...

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This type of therapy is essentially joining up the dots, removing the excess Emotional Energy from life, and getting things flowing again

Emotional Wave Therapy​

I believe that Health is all to do with balance and Emotion. If one becomes 'unbalanced' by Emotional Energy then the natural vibrational 'wave' of life can be distorted or damaged such that life does not flow as it should, physically or psychologically. By getting someone back onto their correct vibrational wave and removing all of the current blockages to flow with Crystal Therapy the body can respond in all sorts of ways and life becomes easier again

Fresh viburnum stems as a sign of good health

How Does Emotion Affect Us?

From birth onwards energy blockages are created in the body by emotion as humans experience emotionally challenging situations. A human experiences an event in everyday life every few seconds which stimulates an emotional response. Some of this is positive of course and that is fine, but a negative emotional response creates energetic blockages on the invisible meridian system of the body related to that particular emotion, restricting flow round the body. And this creates all sort of problems.

Prior to a particular point of change that is often in youth I believe that the body just manages this energy out of the system. After the ‘change point’ Emotional Energy starts to group together and creates blockages related to the emotions concerned. Throughout life this process continues unless the Emotional Energy is removed.

And that is where this treatment comes in. To remove the blockages to allow life to flow more freely again.

If we could remove Emotional Energy that has been added to someone’s system we might be able to not only positively influence how they react to everyday situations, their 'wellbeing', and lighten the load. This type of crystal work certainly improves this. But we might also improve their physical health too.

Applying the principle.....

When I originally trained in Crystal Therapy I was taught to place a series of crystals by ‘feel’ or according to chakra, colour or preset patterns on the body or at injury sites. The principle of Crystal Therapy is that the in-built energy of the crystal itself breaks up an energy blockage bringing the body back into balance and unblocking the meridian system or tissues of the body. The Practitioner places the crystals but it is the crystals themselves that create the improvement to health in a process similar to using tuning forks 

or quartz crystal bowls over the body. 

However I soon decided to explore whether more could be achieved to create better health. I was very familiar with crystal work from my dowsing career clearing land and homes so it was quite natural to expand this to other fields. More and more crystals were used over the body at in-person appointments until it became impractical to do this any more without them ending up on the floor! So I developed a way of working ‘remotely’ from clients from my desk to where they were at home at rest, often across the world. This is the same way that dowsing practitioners including myself have worked on properties and land for the last thirty to forty years or more, connecting their own energy to that of the subject. 

I experimented for several years with developing a number of steadily advancing treatments with crystals for different emotional states and proforma sheets for the body and areas to be explored and unblocked. Advancing skills and techniques all the time, extending what I could offer my clients, to good effect.

As time went on I started to investigate whether this could be reduced to a smaller number of crystals and then progressed to just one programmed crystal that would achieve everything I had previously carried out with up to twenty different quartz crystals. This proved to be very successful and continued for some time. So by now I was working on hundreds of different type of energies that affect the body, the meridian system and auras. 

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By trialing a postal service with a specially programmed single crystal to do all of the work I wanted to:

  • Give clients flexibility in scheduling their crystal treatments without needing to prearrange them with me
  • Encourage even greater potency in the work by using the crystal on their own bodies rather than working on their system at a distance
  • Provide discretion if they would rather not describe their emotional or physical issues to me
  • Provide the same professional treatment, just more flexible in nature and with more continuity over time
  • Get clients more involved in their health by self administering their treatment regime as and when needed
  • To recognise when emotional situations play a part in their physical health and creating negative changes
  • Recognising when treatments are needed oneself and also creating and continually adapting a ‘target list’ for the changes being sought
  • To provide a Service that could be sent to a friend, a loved one, a child at Uni or away from home

And so the Emotional Wave Therapy Mail Order Treatment System evolved into that available now.

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