What do clients think about this type of therapy?

What do clients think about this type of therapy?

"Throughout the work I sat for an hour in perfect peace - totally relaxed"

"My son used his crystal for a treatment on Monday morning and it was really sweet as I could hear him talking to it and asking it for help! He’s in a pretty good place right now, definitely more in control of his big feelings, which is wonderful"

"I’m feeling great! Thank you so much. I’m very grateful, it’s been a terrible time for me. I would say I’m 100% better now!”

”Having used many alternative/complimentary therapies before, I was not familiar with this work. Feeling pretty desperate, you could say I was grasping at straws…however, I actually pulled the long straw! I would highly recommend Sarah for her communication, understanding and work which has created a shift in my problems. Some may say its coincidental…I do believe that it was Sarah’s work that created this shift in a very sad situation, making life that little bit easier“

”I noticed a big change in my daughter when I spoke to her on the phone this morning. For months now I’ve felt that somehow the daughter I knew had ‘disappeared’ to be replaced by someone I didn’t really understand (and who wasn’t that easy to be with). Today for the first time in ages she seemed like her old self again. I’m sure the therapy has helped her”

”I was having a really rather bad day. I even considered going back to the doctors, which was something I really wanted to avoid. However late afternoon I felt a bit of a ‘switch’. I can’t really describe it other than I felt somehow lighter and the things I was sad about or stressing over didn’t seem to matter so much. Mum has even said that I am like my old self or the real me again”

”The change in my daughter has been quite remarkable Sarah. She has started a new job, was home this weekend and was a delight, thanking me for being her Mum. She made huge efforts with her siblings and friends being very sociable etc. It’s as if she’s back again!”

”You should be very proud of your abilities and bravery for stepping into the unknown. As I said, I have had many different treatments from different people over the years and yours definitely carries big power!”

”My son did a treatment session yesterday. Very interesting...the crystal on his belly got super hot, even with the clothes between it and his skin. He enjoyed relaxing with it and was very quiet for a couple of hours afterwards. He wanted to do another session today! But I suggested waiting until next week. He loves the crystal”

”I am much more relaxed and positive. My husband is less achey than he was and we have both slept better”

Then a few days later…”Great news! I am feeling good and very positive and happy again. I certainly hope this is for keeps as I was in a horrible place and have been for several months. I am so pleased…so very pleased”

And lastly a few days after that…”Been busy celebrating my 80th and Wow have we done that and still more to come! I still continue in a much better frame of mind, settled, positive and interested in my new home now at last. Thank you!“

”Whilst you were working I felt I needed to take a quick nap and so I lay on the sofa. I had only been asleep for about half an hour when I was awakened by a gentle current of a sort passing through my body. When I woke up I continued to feel this current for a couple of seconds and goose bumps immediately thereafter for about a second or so. I have never experienced anything quite like this before. I then thought I’ll shut my eyes for a few more minutes but I then fell into a deep sleep for a couple of hours, very deep sleep. When I was sleeping I could feel that I was smiling quite a bit in my sleep. It wasn’t that I was dreaming, but that I was smiling. It was a lovely feeling. All this is new to me! Later my husband came back for lunch and his treatment. During this he fell asleep on the sofa. I saw my husband smiling in his sleep just like I did earlier and he continued to smile as he roused from his sleep. I don’t think I have ever seen him looking quite so at ease“

”The left knee is the most obvious joint of pain which came with the rheumatoid arthritis and this has been changing almost by the hour. The other thing about the left leg in particular is the bunion joint of the big toe. There has been deformity there for many years but in the last 3 days the reduction in inflammation on the joint is astonishing”

”The box arrived today and oh joy the contents are just gorgeous! Like a Tiffany's box. It made me feel very special before I'd even taken the crystal out, thank you!"

"Well I don't know about the others who I seem to have been helping as well (Ed Note: Family) but things are a lot better now. We definitely need to keep this going. Maybe we can work on my son direct now"

"I certainly feel very calm. It's difficult to explain really. Just calm all the time, despite all the stress going on at the moment"

"I have had a good weekend after starting the crystal treatment. I have done much more than I am used to now, four days in a row (Editor's note: Client with ME). I have the feeling of more 'room' in my head, like a fresh breeze"

"This is a very original and classy service! I can't wait to start using it"

" Could you tell me how I can best look after myself in the future, after the treatments end?" (Editor's note: I am in the process of writing a short book to help with this and will offer it via this website in the near future hopefully)

“I had a friend over last night who thought our energies were different. He noticed that our interactions were much more loving”

"Thank you for the treatment that my wife is having from the crystal. She seems to be improving daily and is much happier in herself nowadays"

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These testimonials were unsolicited and sent to me by clients within the last year

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