What Do Clients Think About This Type Of Crystal Therapy

Recent Testimonials for Crystal Treatment

Throughout the work I sat for an hour in perfect peace - totally relaxed
I’m feeling great! Thank you so much. I’m very grateful, it’s been a terrible time for me. I would say I’m 100% better now!
I certainly feel very calm. It’s difficult to explain really. Just calm all the time, despite all the stress going on at the moment
The change in my daughter has been quite remarkable Sarah. She has started a new job, was home this weekend and was a delight, thanking me for being her Mum. She made huge efforts with her siblings and friends being very sociable etc. It’s as if she’s back again!
Thank you for the treatment that my wife is having from the crystal. She seems to be improving daily and is much happier in herself nowadays
Great news! I am feeling good and very positive and happy again. I certainly hope this is for keeps as I was in a horrible place and have been for several months. I am so pleased…so very pleased
My son used his crystal for a treatment on Monday morning and it was really sweet as I could hear him talking to it and asking it for help! He’s in a pretty good place right now, definitely more in control of his big feelings, which is wonderful
Having used many alternative/complimentary therapies before, I was not familiar with this work. Feeling pretty desperate, you could say I was grasping at straws…however, I actually pulled the long straw! I would highly recommend Sarah for her communication, understanding and work which has created a shift in my problems. Some may say its coincidental…I do believe that it was Sarah’s work that created this shift in a very sad situation, making life that little bit easier
I noticed a big change in my daughter when I spoke to her on the phone this morning. For months now I’ve felt that somehow the daughter I knew had ‘disappeared’ to be replaced by someone I didn’t really understand (and who wasn’t that easy to be with). Today for the first time in ages she seemed like her old self again
I do feel quite balanced and well now from the treatments I have had. I have improved with my sleep patterns and I have not had any hot sweats either! I will most definitely carry on with this!
I used the crystal a few days ago after quite a gap. I feel much more energised and motivated now. I’m using it for when life get’s a bit scary...it does help!
I was having a really rather bad day. I even considered going back to the doctors, which was something I really wanted to avoid. However late afternoon I felt a bit of a ‘switch’. I can’t really describe it other than I felt lighter and the things I was sad about or stressing over didn’t seem to matter anymore. Mum has even said that I am like my old self or the real me again
I have had a good weekend after starting the crystal treatment. I have done much more than I am used to now, four days in a row (Editor’s note: Client with severe ME). I have the lovely feeling of more ‘room’ in my head, like a fresh breeze. Quite new...
What Do Clients Think About This Type Of Crystal Therapy