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Crystal Therapy Terms of Use For This WebSite

Crystal Therapy packs available on this site have been developed over a long period of time to achieve beneficial change in the body in terms of Physical and Mental health in a Course of Treatments. The effect in use will differ between people according to their Initial Health System and the way in which the body chooses to interpret change. A Treatment is regarded as encouraging the body to heal itself from within. This cannot be predicted in effect or timescale but everything has been done in the Development of the Treatment Pack to provide as beneficial a Course of Treatment in use as possible, at the ‘risk’ of the Customer. We envisage that the lengthy research and investigation into this product and service will provide the outcome desired. Development is ongoing and it is possible to ‘upgrade’ crystals that have been supplied at a distance for all my clients so the Crystal that you buy will provide you with better healthcare all the time.

Guarantee for Crystal Therapy

The adult Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack, Gift Pack, and Trauma/Grief Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack are all Guaranteed in use for a Self-Administered Course of Three Treatments of 30 minutes as outlined in the How To Use The Crystal Page information. The Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack and Gift Pack are also Guaranteed in use for a Course of Three Treatments of 15 minutes for a young child up to the age of Ten, and for One Treatment for a Baby of 10 minutes up to the age of two, both administered by the parent. This means that it has the internal ‘battery life’ to provide the same level of service throughout those Three Treatments. The Crystal is likely in fact to last the equivalent of up to Ten or Twenty Treatments in use, depending on the Initial Health of the Customer/Client. After the first three sessions you will develop a good idea how to use the Crystal on a ‘Maintenance’ basis as and when needed and as Emotional Situations occur in life.

Crystal Therapy as a Course of Treatment

When you have read all parts of this website and are ready to Order a Crystal Therapy Treatment product I would ask you please to consider that this a Course of Treatments, for best effectiveness. It works progressively over a series of Crystal Treatments Self Administered. Assessments of one's progress via the Target Note Sheets are a good way of monitoring progress between Crystal sessions, though I understand that it may be better to just let the crystal do its own wonderful thing for the first session. Treatments are important to remove Energy Blockages from your Body and Auras but further treatments are also important to ensure that energy mobilised during this work actually leaves the Body. This is particularly the case at the beginning of your work with the Crystal. The Crystal must also always be used at the Navel or Belly Button where it can remove Negative Energy rather than recirculate it. Symptoms becoming slightly more obvious or worsen should be regarded as a sign that another Treatment is needed and a readiness for mobilised energy to be removed from the system, though preferably not within four days of the previous Treatment. If you would like advice during your Treatment regime then please do be in touch on the Contact & Advice Page.

Crystal Therapy is not a replacement for any Medical treatment that you may presently be undertaking but you may wish to review your progress with your Medical Doctor possibly as a result of positive changes that take place in order to establish the correct Medication for you, if still needed.