Personal Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack

Personal Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack


Everything you need for a Minimum Course of 3 Crystal Therapy Treatments

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A Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack that has been developed over a long period of time to remove Emotional Energy and Blockages of Energy throughout the Auric and Meridian System of the Body, working on over one thousand types of Energy with an Emotional Root that can affect Physical and Mental Health. The Aim of this Treatment is to create Better Flows of Good Energy around the Body so that Positive Energy can flow unhindered.

The Crystal supplied with this pack is Guaranteed for the First Three Treatments but is capable of providing 10 to 20 Treatments in total depending on initial health which I hope will be regarded as good value overall. For information individual Crystal Therapy Treatments in the UK are generally between £40 to £50 each. A Crystal is not supplied for a Single Treatment instead because the effect would be insufficient to show a complete result. A Course of Treatments is vital to make good progress. A Trial Relaxation Crystal is available on the Ordering Page if preferred, to experience Crystal Therapy treatment for the first time, perhaps to use this full treatment afterwards for follow on Therapy.

Supplied with this pack are:

  • The Programmed Crystal

  • A Welcome Card

  • An Instruction Leaflet

  • Five Target Note Sheets for completion before each Treatment

Crystal Therapy Treatment Packs are normally sent out Three times a week unless there is an Urgent Need.

Packs are sent by First Class Signed For delivery in the UK to arrive the following day. Please consider which address is most appropriate for the delivery which will be received at your normal Royal Mail postal delivery time. £4.50 for Postage and Packing will be added to the cost of the Pack for this at the Ordering Point for UK delivery. I can also send to USA, Canada and Australia International Signed For for £11.00 to arrive in 5 to 7 working days . Please email me if you would like a postage price for delivery to another country. Please seek advice if as an ‘importer’ you will be liable for Customs Duty payable before delivery for your country.

I will send you a notification when the parcel has been dispatched by email.

There is more information about Postage and Returns on the Postage and Packing Page. Please also see the Terms and Conditions Page.

Although the Pack does come with a Treatment Leaflet it would be advisable to also read the How To Use The Crystal Page of this website as well to familiarise yourself with the best method of Treatment.

As mentioned above this Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack is Guaranteed for 3 separate Treatments of 30 minutes each, or three 15 minute Treatments Sessions for a child under the age of ten. It may well keep its ‘battery life’ for up a total of up to 10 or 20 individual Treatment Sessions depending on the initial health of the recipient. There is more information concerning this on the Terms & Conditions Page.

The Crystal should be held over the Navel or Belly Button for effective Treatment.

If this Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack has been chosen due to a traumatic incident in life then perhaps you would like to read about the Trauma and Grief Treatment Pack that has been developed specifically for this type of situation in its early stages by returning to the Ordering Page. The main Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack can follow on afterwards but it is important that Emotional Energy from the incident is not able to create blockages on the Meridian System to cause future ill health, as well as providing specific relief for Grief and other associated Emotions.