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This treatment pack is guaranteed for the equivalent of an initial three crystal sessions (equivalent to 3 x £45 typical individual treatments for Crystal Therapy generally) plus all the other treatments that it should be capable of. Perhaps up to ten or twenty sessions depending on someone's initial health. I hope that this will be regarded as being very good value for money, as well as all the other benefits that it can bring:

  • The chance to relax at home whilst receiving a treatment
  • Not having to prearrange crystal treatments with a practitioner in advance so allowing for more flexibility in timing
  • More continuity in treatment to achieve a greater level of change and flow in the body
  • Enhanced action of the treatment by the crystal being in contact with the body (through clothing)
  • Discretion in not having to describe the emotional or health symptoms to be worked on
  • Empowering a client to have a better understanding of the effect that emotional situations have on health

Ready to Buy?


I understand that this treatment is undertaken at my risk, having read all parts of this website and understood the information given. By ordering this crystal pack I understand that the crystal is supplied in all good faith as having been programmed to seek beneficial change in my body, health and wellbeing. Also that it is beneficial to undertake at least the first three treatments. A treatment is regarded as encouraging the body to heal from within, itself. This cannot be anticipated or predicted, nor the timescale for change determined in advance. However we hope that the lengthy research and investigation into this product and service will provide the outcome desired.

Crystal Ther​apy Treatment Pack Sent As A Gift

Perhaps you would like to send a gift to a friend at a time of need. Or to a child at Uni. Or to someone close to you who is suffering a bereavement. Someone who would benefit from a 'lift' at this time...

By selecting this Treatment Pack you are requesting a standard Treatment Pack to be sent, including a Gift Card which can be personalised to the receiver. The address registere​d on PayPal as a receipt will be your own but if you email me on the Contact Page with the recipient's Name and full Address then I can make sure it gets there swiftly. Could you please add the details for the Gift Card such as the Name that the recipient is known by to you, the Name that they know you by, and the Message that you would like written for them on the reverse of the card. 

Please read the information above for the main Treatment Pack with regard to Postage and Packing and Delivery in the UK.

Gift Pack of Crystal Therapy Treatment
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Postage & Packing

Your parcel will be packed and posted as soon as possible. Postage is via Signed For 1st Class Mail with Royal Mail Parcels. Please consider which address is appropriate for the signature. I will send you a notification when the parcel has been dispatched and the delivery should arrive on the next working day. I aim to send out deliveries three times a week, unless a pack is required urgently.


Due to the fact that this is an energised crystal that has been activated and programmed for a client it is not possible to return the crystal if you should change your mind. However if the crystal should arrive damaged please do get in touch and send a photo showing the damage within 48 hours to [email protected] and I can send out another one if due to damage in transit. 

Privacy Policy

I respect your right to privacy of information. No information is kept from your reading of this website. Information collected from the ordering process is used for shipping and notification  purposes and to check on progress once, only. If you would like to receive future information about this product or its future development please let me know on the Contact Page. However I will not contact you otherwise. A copy of my Privacy Policy is available on request.


I would love to hear what you think about any aspect of this service, what you have noticed about the treatment from using a crystal you ordered, or the effect it has had. Your words may help others in a testimonial on this website. Please email me at [email protected] if you feel able to contribute.


I am very mindful of our environment in everything I do and this product is as 'natural' as I can make it. The packaging is recyclable,  and almost entirely made in the UK. The packing tape is even compostable and biodegradable! Please recycle or compost the packaging, and the crystal box one day when it has finally finished working (or find a different use for it). The crystal can be kept for decorative purposes maybe. Simple!

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