How To Use The Crystal Page for  Emotional Wave Therapy

How To Use The Crystal

Firstly order your crystal!

It will be supplied in a smart box along with an instruction leaflet and note sheets. Everything you need to get started.

Essentially it’s a Case of Unpack, Read, Plan and Enjoy a Course of Treatments…Simple!

But if you would like to read morel:

  • Unpack the box and familiarise yourself with its contents.

  • Try not to hold the crystal straight away, though it will be tempting! It can then keep its ‘battery life’ for as long as possible. You could also receive a part treatment through your hand....better to wait for the real thing and your full treatments. 

  • You might want to show a friend or family member but try not to let anyone else hold it if possible. This is in order to keep it focused on your energy system.

  • Decide where to keep the crystal, clean and dry, away from too much ‘tech’ to maintain its potency.

  • Plan a time for your first Treatment session when you are at home and won't be disturbed for several hours. You might want a snooze or sleep afterwards so perhaps choose to do your first crystal session during the day or late afternoon. 

  • Decide where you will be during the crystal session. The sofa with your feet up, or lying on your bed is a good choice. During the Treatment allow energy to flow through your body by keeping your body as relaxed and straightened out as possible. Have the crystal box next to you so that you can put it back at the end of the session to keep it clean and preventing it falling on the floor should you fall asleep!

  • Sit down and relax to decide on the additional 'targets' for your Treatment session on the supplied note sheets in addition to the in-built programming of the Crystal. For some people this might be better completed in the second and subsequent Treatments and just enjoy the relaxation of the first Treatment as it is.

  • Complete and enjoy your first Treatment session with the Crystal on your navel (belly/tummy button) for thirty minutes and return the Crystal to its box afterwards.

  • After the first treatment if you didn't fall asleep anyway allow a period of 'rest' for thirty minutes. Sitting quietly, 'noticing'. Then gentle exercise or walking to get energy flowing nicely.

  • Plan your next two Treatment sessions, looking back each time at the work sheets to see what has been achieved so far

  • Continue with your Treatments as and when needed and as Emotional situations arise in life.


Writing Therapy Targets

With the date at the top of the sheet write down your list of most pressing health issues. It doesn't matter if they seem out of order, your body will intuitively work on the greatest need first. By doing this you are adding your own 'Intention' to the programming of the crystal as well. Make the targets as practical as possible. Whilst it would be lovely to ask for everything in one go (the love of your life… success in everything, and the perfect body) let's try this in gentle steps!

“What should I notice during the first Treatment?”

  • You will feel very relaxed! You might also fall asleep especially if the Treatment has removed an ‘Energy Attachment’

  • You might find that your body gently ‘vibrates’ as energy starts to move again

  • There might be small physical sensations as you become aware of a symptom or pain ending.

  • Peace and Wellbeing is the name of the game at this moment!

    “What happens after the first Treatment?“

  • You might find that you sleep very deeply. Or that your attitude to life has improved subtly. Or further Physical changes happen.

    “What happens in the following Treatments of the Course?”

  • A great deal happens in the first Treatment so you are most likely to fall sleep then but all Treatments will be very relaxing.

  • Changes in Physical and Mental Health continue throughout the Course of Treatments as Auras repair, Emotional Energy is removed, and energy starts to flow again properly. Looking back at your previous Target Sheets you will also start to notice that issues are not troubling you as much now or that they have ended altogether.

    “Is that where Treatment ends?”

  • Not at all! The Crystal is Guaranteed for a Course of Three Treatments but is available to you for up to ten or even twenty individual Treatments. After the first three sessions you will develop a good idea how to use it on a ‘Maintenance’ basis as and when needed and as new Emotional situations occur in life.

How To Use The Crystal Page for  Emotional Wave Therapy