How To Use The Crystal​:

How to Use the Crystal?

  • Firstly order your crystal! It will be sent by first class post so you can get cracking as soon as possible. No time like the present!
  • The crystal will be supplied in a smart box along with an instruction leaflet and note sheets. Everything you need to get started.
  • Its best if you don't hold the crystal straight away, though it will be tempting! It's very tactile. It can then keep its strength for as long as possible. You could also receive a part treatment through your hand....better to wait for the real thing. Keep it for full treatments. 
  • You might want to show a friend or family member but try not to let anyone else hold it if possible. This is in order to keep it focused on your energy system and prevent it using up some of its 'battery life' too soon.
  • Then you need to decide where to keep the crystal, clean and dry, and away from too much tech to maintain its potency.
  • Next you need to plan a time for your first treatment session when you are at home and won't be disturbed for several hours. This type of work can be either very relaxing such that you might want a snooze or sleep afterwards. Or it can be energising. So perhaps choose to do your first crystal session during the day or up until late afternoon. 
  • Decide where you will be during the crystal session. Clients often feel so relaxed that they want a snooze during the first treatment or a sleep after it. So the sofa with your feet up or lying on your bed is a good choice. Have the crystal box next to you so that you can put it back at the end of the session to keep it clean and preventing it falling on the floor should you fall asleep!
  • Next you need to decide on the 'targets' for your first treatment session. You will have been supplied with five starter note sheets on which to plan these, So take them out, sit down and relax, and prepare to write your targets as follows....

Starting to write the target sheet for Crystal Therapy

Now it's time to figure out what it is in your health, both physically and psychologically that you would like to address. The issues uppermost in your wellbeing. Place the date at the top of the sheet so that you can refer back to it again in the future. Then write down your list of issues to work on. It doesn't matter if they seem out of order at the end, your body will intuitively work on the greatest need first. This is your first treatment so more can be added at further sessions. Just stick to the most pressing issues for you now. By placing information onto this sheet you are adding 'Intention' to the existing programming of the crystal, as strange as this may seem. Additional energies to work on. Therefore make them as practical as possible to begin with. Whilst it would be lovely to ask for everything in one go (especially the love of your life, success in everything, and the perfect body!) let's try and do this in steady gentle steps. The last part of the sheet is to note down what you noticed in the treatment afterwards.

Name of Person

What should I do during a treatment?

  • When you are ready and in position, comfortable and relaxed, answerphone on, mobile turned off, it's time to start.
  • Pick up the crystal from its box and with your left hand due to being nearest the heart and hold it over your navel (belly button). You do not need to remove any clothing to do this, and it's better to be warm than cold for this. It's all to do with easier flow.
  • Hold the crystal in place for thirty minutes, maybe putting it into a fold of clothing if you think you are going to fall asleep. If it moves a little away from the navel do not worry. 
  • By holding the crystal in your left hand you are also getting added treatment through your palm, a bonus.
  • After the thirty minutes put the crystal back into its box and with your body relaxed then just observe what is happening for a while. You may notice a 'streaming' through your body, warmth or vitality returning, a sign of energy starting to move again. Everyone is different so their experience will vary. And at the end of the day it will depend on how your body processes energy and its initial health state. 

What happens after the first treatment?

Over the next few days you may find that you sleep better, feel better, and things are starting to move forward in an easier way. But this is just the start. More treatments are needed to keep it moving forward. So now is the time to plan your next session for a week's time, or maybe even the next two if you have a busy diary. It's best not to go over a week or your body will be getting impatient for change! The cells of the body seem to release negative energy in readiness for removal in the next session. If you leave it too long then your initial symptoms might appear to be coming back. So timing is important.

When ready for your next session, have a look back at the original target note sheet and see how things are now and what has changed. Hopefully there is improvement there, even from the first treatment. But perhaps you need to note down some of the same issues on the next target sheet? Perhaps they were a bit ambitious the first time around? You will be making treatment targets for the second session, and then the third session, and so on. It's the same method for the actual treatment as before. You might not feel so sleepy in this one though. But please be mindful not to pick up your mobile phone or do something else during the treatment even if you are sitting there for thirty minutes. This is chance to rest and 'notice' your body and what is happening. The treatment will be all the better for it.

I would suggest that you plan at least three treatment sessions to begin with that are a week apart. The crystal is guaranteed for these first three sessions but is possibly capable of up to twenty treatments depending on what it is worked on and how it is kept. After the first three sessions you might think that you can stretch it out a bit and go for ten days between. But if any symptoms return and you feel the need then go for another session before the ten days are up. You are in charge. You can then just see how it goes. Ten days...two weeks...three weeks...a month...two months...whatever is right for you. Of course life is not static. Emotional events creep up on us and can take us off track in which case you might feel that you should upgrade the sessions and restore balance again. This is all to do with equilibrium and I think you will find your own timetable and method for this with your crystal. But if you need advice just email me and we can review it together. 

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