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Will this treatment affect my family or partner?

Yes it could...positively. It has become apparent over the last five years the strong bond and energetic connection between husband and wife or partners, and also between parents and their children. Energy flows between them freely which can be a problem in all sorts of ways if one member of the family has poor health. The situation can be the same between twins/multiple births as well. This therapy will address the health issues of the person using the crystal. But it will also treat the connected person as well. In fact it will go where it is most needed, which can be used to effect if it is impossible to treat the person themselves. For instance a mother could treat a young child, or a person could treat their elderly parent. It does also mean that the life of your crystal could be reduced by treatment being taken elsewhere. This might be a good thing if it helps to treat those you love as well. And in some ways it also provides protection for your own system from the energy that was formerly affecting you. But it's something that needs taking into account when judging how long the crystal will last. If you would like advice about the best situation for you then just get in touch.

Can this treatment be used throughout life?

Yes I believe it is important f​or any stage of life. Young children or those who have not yet come off their true vibrational wave might require only a fifteen minute treatment at a time to begin with. A baby might require less time still at each session, or perhaps only one in total at this age. Please get in touch if you would like to check this with me. 

Can I return my crystal if it is not for me?

That would be a shame since the treatment is progressive in nature. The first treatment can be quite demanding in that it is going back over all the negative energy situations and emotions from this lifetime. A big task! So it would be difficult to get a true picture of its effectiveness in one treatment. It also treats the auras for imperfections and negative energy attachments, and goes throughout the meridian system of the body looking for any energy that might impede good flow. During this process it is using its own inbuilt energy to help you and so will never be quite the same in strength again as when it arrived to you ready for work. It may not have lost much yet but some of its energy will have become depleted and changed somewhat. It cannot therefore be given to another person if it has been used or even held by someone else so there is no trial run with this treatment. If you are in doubt about this work then why not send me an email and let's see if I can answer your queries? And have a read of the testimonials on this site, which are absolutely genuine and unsolicited. We can perhaps work out together what is happening and I can assess 'remotely' the best way forward.

What happens if I stop after one treatment?

As mentioned above, the first treatment is explorative and full, removing any emotional blockages that are found and any 'free' negative energy throughout the system. It also stimulates the body to release energy held within the cells over the next few days, ready to be removed during the next treatment session. If you were to stop after the first session this released energy would stay mobile in your system, not a good thing and possibly exaggerating existing symptoms. Further treatments are very important to continue this process until it is complete. This therapy should be regarded as a course of treatments. Experience has shown that at least three treatments sessions are needed to make good progress into your health, which is why the crystal is guaranteed for the first three sessions. But everyone is different and some might find this possible in say two sessions. Others might find that a slower approach over more sessions is better. It all depends how the body reacts and how quickly it releases the negative energy. But each treatment session gets you closer to your goal of better health and wellbeing, and a preventative method for health in the future.

Can I spread the initial treatments out a bit?

If you are likely to be away on holiday say after the first treatment then I would suggest that you delay starting this work until you are at home again for at least three weeks in a row. This will enable you to complete the first 'course' of crystal treatments. As mentioned above, energy is released from the body and auras in each treatment, but particularly after the first session. It is best if the next treatment can happen within a week to capitalise on everything that has been achieved from the first session and also to remove mobilised negative energy. The second treatment can then help the body to progress forward to full removal of negative energy from the system. The treatments can then be used from that point forward as a 'maintenance' regime or as and when perceived as needed from the events that take place in life. 

Is there anything that the crystal can't treat?

From observation, it appears that the body will use the programming of the crystal to best effect, wherever it is needed at that moment. This might be a psychological situation. Or it might be a physical issue. Whatever is most needed in the body. Health is extremely complicated and sometimes it can appear that nothing is happening if a physical change is being sought first. However it may be that a background wellbeing issue needs treating first in order that the path of progress can be assured. I believe that the body has the innate ability to 'heal' itself given the right conditions and sufficient treatment

Is there anything that might limit the effectiveness of the crystal treatment?

In theory, no. As mentioned above your body will use the treatment where it is most needed and sometimes this is not obvious to begin with. I have found on occasion that the partner of a client who in fact is more unwell receives more treatment at the beginning, without even being involved with the crystal! But it will more than likely sort itself out in time. Clients with more severe health symptoms and who are receiving a high degree of medication may find that the treatment is slower but over a period of time the effect may still be felt. I feel that this treatment will be most effective though in preventing health situations before they even start to develop or become evident. Health symptoms from observation appear to all have an Emotional Energy 'root'. So by removing all of this energy and the present blockages in the meridian system that could relate to future health symptoms, life in terms of health might change from that point onward. The true meaning of going back onto one's rightful vibrational wave again. 

Is there anything that I should do to improve the effectiveness of the treatment?

During the treatment I would suggest that you allow energy to flow through your body by keeping your body as relaxed and straightened out as possible. Think of water flowing along pipes and how that might be maximised. After the treatment, if you didn't just fall asleep anyway, I would allow a period of 'rest' for say a further thirty minutes. Just sitting quietly, 'noticing'. Then maybe some gentle exercise or walking to get energy flowing round the body. In the coming days I believe that it is important to reflect on what is happening,  and by doing whatever feels right to 'energise' and motivate yourself. 

What happens when my crystal stops being as effective?

Imagine that your crystal is like a battery. It comes to you fully energised and ready for work. Kept carefully it is guaranteed for at least the first three treatments, irrespective of your initial health condition. In fact it should probably last for between ten and twenty treatments, but that will depend on the issues that it is addressing in your health and the severity at the beginning. As the treatments progress then the crystal ('battery') will start to lose its background 'power'. This will not affect the quality of programming of the crystal and the type of work that it can do but it does mean that eventually its inner energy will be used up and there will not be sufficient left to sustain a treatment session. 

How will I know when my crystal has stopped working?

There could be number of scenarios in which your crystal might appear to be working differently or have possibly stopped. 

  • When you carry out a treatment and it appears that the effect has changed from that experienced previously then this may be a sign that the crystal is now working deeper than it was, rather than that it has stopped. After a few days check back on your target list for the treatment and see what has happened. Perhaps there has been an unexpected but positive change? If that is the case then continue with the next treatment again at the point when you believe that a need has now arrived. 
  • Perhaps the treatment that is now required of the crystal may have changed so it might feel different during the session or afterwards. We are human and with emotional situations happening all the time it is possible that new Emotional Energy has entered the system and created different energy blockages that have been treated. A different effect overall. 
  • Maybe it is that the targets were misleading rather than the treatment is not being effective.  Review whether they were realistic or over reaching for the session? It is important that they are achievable and appropriate for you at this time. Without meaning to be flippant, requesting a new life in one go might be a bit of an ask! 
  • Say your targets were in fact realistic, and you didn't achieve change, and with another treatment session you still don't achieve change at all, then perhaps your crystal has run "out of steam'. At this point you could either order a new crystal straight away from this website if you have benefitted from this type of work previously and want to continue. You could email me if you would rather keep the same box as before and just require the replacement crystal. Or you could email to check on the progress of your crystal. I am able to check this 'remotely' ie. from my office. I am likely to ask you how many times you have used the crystal so far and then to give you advice on what to do next. If you do order a new crystal it is possible that since research and investigation is progressing all the time with this product that the upgrade crystal could have further benefits in future beyond that of the one that you had originally.  

Do I need more information before deciding?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this product or your own situation at the Contact Page.

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