This Is The FAQs Page For  Emotional Wave Therapy


“Can Treatment be used throughout life?”

Yes. Young children under the age of ten or those who have come off their true vibrational wave at a young age might require only a fifteen minute treatment at a time. A baby might require less time still at each session. Treatment at a young age could provide much better prospects for preventative health throughout life. In the elderly Treatment might provide relief from pain and other symptoms created by a life of emotional situations. Please contact me if you would any advice.  

“Will Treatment benefit my family or partner?”

Yes it could...positively. Energy flows through strong bonds and energetic connections between couples, and parents to children (also between twins). The Treatment will address the health issues of the person using the crystal, but it will also treat the connected person as well and will go where it is most needed. This can be used if it is impossible to treat the person themselves, such as mother to child, or to provide you with some protection from the poor health of a person you are ‘connected to’ that may have been affecting you. If you would like advice about this then please contact me

“What happens if I stop after one Treatment?”

The first treatment is very full, removing blockages and 'free' negative energy throughout the system. Often this is from many Past Lives so can be a big job to begin with. It also stimulates the body to release energy from the cells to be removed during the next Treatment. If you stop after the first session this released energy would stay mobile in your system, not a good thing and possibly exaggerating existing symptoms. This therapy should definitely be regarded as a Course of Treatments.

“Can I spread initial Treatments out a bit?”

No, if you are likely to be away on holiday after the first Treatment then I would suggest that you delay starting this work until you are home again for at least three weeks in a row. This will enable you to complete the initial 'course' of Crystal Treatments.

“Does anything limit the effectiveness of Treatment?”

Clients with severe health symptoms receiving a high degree of medication may find that the treatment is slower but over a period of time the effect may still be felt. Your body will just use the Treatment where it is most needed which might be psychological to begin with.

“Can I hold the Crystal over my heart instead?

No, it is much better held over the navel/belly/tummy button where it can clear energy from the body entirely rather than let it recirculate.

“Will the Crystal lose power?”

The quality of programming of the Crystal and the work that it can do will not end. But in time the inner ‘battery power’ of the Crystal will decrease, reducing the energy left to sustain a whole Treatment session. It comes fully ‘charged’ and Guaranteed for three Treatments, irrespective of your initial health condition. It should last though for ten and twenty treatments, depending on the level of your initial health symptoms.

“What if my Crystal is working ‘differently’?” 

This may be a sign that your Crystal is now working deeper than it was. Or that different types of emotional blockage are being worked on. Or perhaps your targets were a bit ambitious for the previous Treatment. If your Crystal does not seem to be working at all then perhaps you need to check that you are holding it correctly during Treatments. Or email me so that I can check on the progress of your Crystal before Ordering a ‘Refill’.

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This Is The FAQs Page For  Emotional Wave Therapy