Emotional Energy the Root Cause of Ill Health as Discovered By  Emotional Wave Therapy

 Emotional Energy…The Root Cause of Ill Health

The body has the innate ability to heal itself given the right conditions and treatment.

From long experience I have found that Crystal Therapy provides the right tools at the right time and then we allow the body to do the rest.

Medical treatment provides relief to a symptom certainly but can suffer from the ‘sticking plaster’ technique of temporary care for the issue at hand and creating blockages to flow of beneficial energy..

A Course of Crystal Therapy, removing the original Emotional ‘Root Cause’, can provide a long term solution. It can also provide a Holistic Approach to Preventative ‘Medicine’ for the rest of your life

Literally everything that I have investigated over a long period suggests that Health is determined entirely by Emotional Energy, the expression of Emotion.

Every few seconds we experience an Emotion. Positive Emotional responses are lovely. But negative responses (eg. Fear, Hate, Anger etc) creates Energy Clusters that develop in the invisible Auric Bubble around us.

Prior to a point of change that is often in childhood I believe that the body just ‘manages’ this energy out of the system naturally.

After the ‘Change Point’ the Energy Clusters start to group together in the Auras. Over time this weakens the layers until they become a ‘Leaky Sieve’ of holes for ‘Attachment’ energy in, and precious energy out.

Energy Clusters also move to create Energy Blockages on the invisible inner Meridian System. This restricts ‘Flow’ of life-giving energy around the body and causes steadily deteriorating Mental and Physical Health, unless the energy is removed.

The Change Point can be thought of as going from a Normal Vibrational Wave of energy to one that is controlled by Emotion, an ‘Emotional Wave’™️

The Change Point encourages Emotional Energy from events in our Past Lives to be released from the Soul, colonising the Auras as well.

The Emotions experienced in the moment of an Injury or Accident in this lifetime start to attach to the tissues of the body.

Past Life Emotion from Injuries start to appear in the body where the injuries originally occurred, sometimes many centuries ago. I have seen it many times in person as a Practitioner and felt the ‘heat’ of this energy still in the body causing Present Life Pain.

One could think of this whole problem as being an Overload of Negative Energy, or even an ‘Energy Disaster’ for our Health.

By removing Emotional Energy this Treatment allows life to

Flow more freely again

…‘Joining up the dots of life’ so to speak

Emotional Energy the Root Cause of Ill Health as Discovered By  Emotional Wave Therapy

This is a Professional Crystal Therapy Service by Mail Order to Use at Home

  • A depth of Treatment from a Professionally Programmed Crystal to treat the Whole Body. This is a Unique Service and very different to buying natural Crystals (unprogrammed) for sale online

  • Relax at home during a Course of Treatments with chance for therapeutic rest afterwards at a time when it suits you

  • Hold the Crystal and feel it’s energy working directly on your System

  • No need to discuss your ailments with anyone in advance

  • Being a Course of Treatments it can achieve much greater change in your health

  • A good value quality method of Healthcare

  • If you feel that it would be helpful to you then add to the programming of the Crystal by writing issues particular to you onto ‘Target’ Sheets

  • A Service also for a friend, loved one, or child away from home

Healing naturally that you are not able to find elsewhere

I am in the process of writing a book to explain Emotional Energy in more depth which will be available on my Ordering Page soon. An eye opener for the ‘Health World’ when complete! To keep up to date with new information about this work please:

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Emotional Energy the Root Cause of Ill Health as Discovered By  Emotional Wave Therapy