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"Thank you for your note. I was aware of my whole body during the treatment I did yesterday and at one point sitting at the kitchen table I just felt happy. I smiled and felt calm so that seemed to be my intuition telling me I am​ doing something right!"


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Meet Sarah Payne the developer of Emotional Wave Therapy treatment

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne is a Professional Crystal Therapist and Practitioner Dowser. Whilst this method of treatment was developed over a period of five years with the express desire of improving health for clients, she worked previously with several hundred clients to clear land and homes of Geopathic Stress, her original training with the British Society of Dowsers. With a realisation that good health could be achieved a different way she decided to concentrate on Crystal Therapy for Health, working on her own energy at every stage before working with clients. This work will continue as time goes on to constantly update and improve the service to clients through crystal work until physical health improvements can also be guaranteed by the crystal as well.

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