The Root Cause of Dementia

It's Dementia Action and Awareness Week in the UK so I thought it might be an idea to think about what the root cause of Dementia might be, particularly affecting the elderly. 

Part of the problem may be loneliness. The need for company, stimulation, the security of knowing that someone's around to help or just to have a cup of tea with. I'm convinced that family are the most important thing in most people's lives but our families are now so geographically disjointed. And the UK is so much smaller than some other countries. We can get to each other within a few hours here. Luckily it's not a plane ride or a time zone change!

But I believe the main issue behind avoiding Dementia in the elderly is a deeper Emotional problem. From my investigations I believe there are four main Emotions that are important:

1. The first is being forced to accept other people's ideas as to what is best for one and being angry as a result. The Emotion of Intolerance. Concentrated in the Bladder as an energetic blockage.

2. Secondly being affected generally by Sadness about other people's situations locally and in the world as a whole and feeling helpless to do anything about it. I am sure that as you get older that the News becomes harder to hear. Perhaps a reason to avoid it in future? This is an energy affecting the Heart, and is particularly important if you have damaged Auras (more to come lower down).

3. Thirdly an imposed feeling of being Trapped with no escape and no way of knowing how to improve it for the better. This could relate to housing, everyday needs, contact with others, interests and activities, friends or family. It could be an existing situation or one that they know is coming like for instance having to give up their home before ready to do so. Much can be done to make this easier but the person must feel that they have achieved this at least in part themselves. An energy affecting the Liver and Pancreas.

4. Finally, the Emotion of Self Control. Having to put a lid on how one feels about things. The sense that it is better not to say anything or create a fuss and to just accept things as they are, even if painful or undesirable in the long term. This is energy affecting the Neck and Thyroid. 

All of the four Emotions create blockage points on the Meridian System of the body in the places indicated, blocking flow of energy, but quite possibly creating issues in those locations too. For instance Urinary complications, Heart troubles and Arrhythmia, Issues with removing toxins generally from the body and a build up in the Liver, Digestive System problems, Blood Sugar Imbalances, complications with Metabolism, Bone Maintenance, Muscle Control and so on.

There would also need to be difficulties with the Auric 'bubble' around the person too, the protective layers that prevent good energy escaping and adverse energy getting in. There is no doubt that this is a factor and can be caused by a variety of reasons including how they feel about life but also things such as accidents, puncture wounds (including vaccinations), general wear and tear throughout life, and even accident sites and injuries that have happened in Past Lives carried through to the present life body. You can read a lot more about the Auras, maintaining them and how to close Auric Holes on my website or in my forthcoming book.

The combination of the Emotions, blockages on the Meridian System, and a general sense of demise of their former life lead to a state that overall allows particular adverse energy into their Auras that creates the condition of Dementia. But without the initial Emotions and their effect on the Auric bubble creating a hole, none of it would happen. The reason that Emotional Balance is so important to health.

But the good thing is that it can be improved straight away with Crystal Therapy so that things do not seem so difficult. Making life feel easier, lighter, and more positive. Building up the supportive Auras again with any repairs needed and a change in Emotional attitude to create positivity, expanding this protective layer again. An awareness of the causes of the Emotional problems might enable outside help to be more focused so that the person can have more simple control themselves and not feel as powerless. The Crystal work can tackle other blockages to flow of energy so that physical symptoms lessen, whether the person is aware of them or not. It can also remove all Past and Present Life Emotional Energy that has colonised their Auras and the Meridian System so that Emotions that have proved difficult to manage affecting their day to day behaviour and demeanour can end.

I do believe that Dementia can be improved or even ended completely in the future.

I hope you have found this interesting. I would very much welcome your feedback on anything you think I have missed or that you need explanation on.

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