Managing Stress and Anxiety at Uni

Are you studying at Uni and finding life tougher than you expected? More pressure, homesick possibly, wondering if you will get to the end of your course, finding new relationships demanding, wondering if you have made the right decision with studying your subject. Then I reckon you are suffering with ‘Anxiety’. 

Quite understandable really. I’ve been to Uni and although it was some time ago I do remember what it was like starting out somewhere new, the intensity of the course, and also the intensity of the non studying part of it too. And that is what I wanted to write about now. But not in a way you will have thought of. Plus it might help with the anxiety. 

When I started out with this type of work I didn’t realise just how important the Aura was to health. The Aura or Auric ‘bubble’ being the area around us with an invisible outer boundary which should be a couple of metres away from the body when in good health. But sadly it is often either depleted, distorted in shape, or has reduced generally around the body. It’s function is to protect us at all times from energy on the outside that would be detrimental to us, but also to prevent our good energy leaking away. So it is pretty vital to health and also to wellbeing, a measure of how we ‘feel’ at any given time. 

Generally the Aura is self supporting if we eat well and can remain happy and buoyant in mood. But there are things that can affect it adversely. Too much Emotion is one. So your time at Uni is a tricky one with so much that is new, just as you are finding your feet in a world away from family support. Media of all sorts can place undue pressure on you emotionally. A poor diet is also depleting in terms of your overall health. I know you may be more insolvent than you expected but good nutrition could be a lifesaver, in many ways. I am going to tell you in a minute why so hang on. I don’t mean that you should try faddy diets. Just stick to a mixture of protein, carbs and fruit/veg at every meal, even breakfast with a hangover. And that’s the next one. I believe that too much, or mixing of alcohol can weaken the immune system so also compromise the Auric boundary. 

The issue with the Aura and threats to it is simple. If you deplete your internal system through misuse, however much it feels like justifiable experimenting, there is a danger that the Aura can get a bit thin in places. Or bulge dangerously over Emotional Energy ‘bundles’ on the inside from emotional overload. Both can eventually lead to a hole forming in the outside layer. Or if you have been using recreational drugs it looks like the Auras can just ‘collapse’ from my observations so far, especially as a regular user. All of these situations leave you exposed to outside energy. And there is energy out there which wishes you ‘harm’, or merely wants your good energy. So if you have an Auric hole the outside energy can gain access to the physical body or cling to the inside wall of the auric bubble to cause problems. Attached to the body generally it can cause pain issues at a site where you may already have had an injury, for it is seeking Emotional Energy that attached to injury sites at the moment that they occurred, for support. It is literally feeding off Emotional Energy. If it attaches to the head or brain then it can cause voices in your head, a change of behaviour, what is known as ‘Intrusive Thoughts’, or head/neck aches. If it is clinging on inside the Aura it can benefit from the Emotional Energy clusters that we have inadvertently created ourselves in this lifetime, but also in past lifetimes too that has come through to the present one. It is not directly affecting the body but I believe it can create its own negative energy bundles with specific intent to cause ‘Anxiety’. This could have wide ranging effects from emotional issues that we recognise as background fear all the time, right through to the bigger mental health issues. If the energy finds its way into the Meridian System of the body it can also cause Physical health issues. 

If this should have happened to you or to anyone you know then it is absolutely reversible. With three short Treatments with Crystal Therapy it should stop and with good ongoing care of your Emotional Health in particular things will go back to normal again. Plus you will be much wiser about how ill health is caused. Just to say that recreational drugs would have to stop entirely and even then it might take time for the Aura to be capable of rebuilding completely. 

This has been an abridged version of the whole story about Auras and Auric ‘Attachments’ but perhaps you would like to read more about this in other Blog Articles I have written by looking at the Blog Articles page of this website. Or just have a general read about Crystal Therapy.

If there is anything further you would like to know then just send me an email. I will have heard everything before so don’t worry about asking something strange!

I hope this article has been enlightening! And I hope you enjoy Uni as much as I did. 

If you would like to hear more about damaged Auras resulting in ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ then I have a video on my YouTube Channel at:

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