What Are Intrusive Thoughts?

And why are they on the increase?

There is plenty of online information that will tell you that ‘Intrusive Thoughts are unwanted thoughts or images that you might find distressing and disturbing coming into your mind as forms of obsession and resulting in compulsions, the thoughts often worrying, sexual or violent in nature coming out of nowhere unbidden’.

If this is your experience then I can offer you an alternative way of looking at this but it will probably involve looking at things quite differently from the norm.

This will be new information I realise but experience tells me that the issue in many if not all cases will be due to a form of ‘Energy Attachment’ that is hiding within the Auras and ‘talking to you’. The Auras are the invisible and protective ‘bubble’ that is around the Body which should be fully intact but in this case are likely to have holes in them. If the effect is more severe then the ‘Attachment’ might have actually migrated to the Head and Brain itself and be causing a lot more trouble and tighter relationship to the body causing other difficulties with Health as well. But from long experience of cases with Clients both situations are easily resolved.

An Energy Attachment is an ‘Entity’ that could be a Spirit or Ghost, and you will find other articles in my Blog about the effect of having a Spirit attached to you and how to remove one. But even the most malevolent Spirit is unlikely to be causing this much trouble. I believe it is likely in fact to be much ‘darker’ than that. The sort of Entity that can talk to you in a nasty way or manipulate your thoughts. I know how bad they can be for Clients, changing someone’s behaviour totally, making them act out of character even with Friends and Family, withdrawing from everyone into themselves or their devices. Making the simplest of tasks impossible and a ‘trial’ and seeming as if everything is criticised by the inner voice in your head that you assume is your own. Events and actions that you formerly enjoyed no longer give you pleasure. Relationships are difficult and the voices can tell you that your partner is letting you down, abusing you, just not good enough etc. Worse still might be the sexual overtones that are just ‘not you’ or frightening in nature. You might also be encouraged to spend your money excessively or act greedily excluding friends. Does this start to sound familiar?

The good news is that these Energy ‘vampires’ can be removed straightforwardly and you can go back to your former self. But it is worth understanding a little more the reasons why Auras get damaged and why it is on the increase in Society.

We all go through life experiencing Emotion and Emotional Situations every few seconds, naturally. A little known fact is that Emotion creates a small bundle of Energy that sits in the Auras from then on, the bubble around us mentioned above. If you Google the word Auras you will probably see pictures of coloured layers around the Body. Colour is not relevant in this case but the idea of a protective bubble is. As you go on through life experiencing Emotion and creating more Energy bundles they start to gather together into bigger clusters looking like Rice Krispie cakes grouped together. At a particular point which is often in youth they start to move into the Body to create ‘blockages’ on the Meridian System. This is a network of invisible lines a bit like arteries that carry good energy around the body. Wherever the bundles stop the effect creates a Physical or Mental Health Symptom related to that specific location. But they also create a ‘bulge’ in the Auric Bubble too over that point in the Body. If someone is generally in good health then the whole Auric Bubble should be large and uniform in thickness all around the Body. But in poorer health with lots of Emotional Energy on the inside the Aura becomes thinner, can easily be distorted in shape, and at some point burst open or tear. Letting good energy out and difficult and inappropriate ’Attachments’ in.

As part of my work from the beginning of my career as a Crystal Therapist I have been involved in using Crystals to remove these sorts of Attachments, a huge number of them, and then repair a Client’s Auras at the end with a series of Crystal Therapy appointments. Once sorted out, a person’s character and behaviour can be transformed which is a huge relief to everyone around them.

I mentioned an increase in this problem at the beginning. There may be a large number of reasons for this. One is certainly that we live in a more ‘Emotional’ world nowadays, used to expressing feelings much more and examining them amongst Friends and on Social Media. I know this is difficult to avoid but I feel it must be contributing hugely. Vaccination, mobile phones without RF screening cases, and gadgetry/ electrical items in the bedroom overnight could also be responsible for the increase.

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