Trouble With A Spirit?

Do you have a difficulty with a Spirit or Ghost in your home? Or suspect that you may have one attached to you in some way? If so I may be able to help very simply by encouraging them to a better place with Crystal Therapy. It is something I have completed many times before to help my Clients.

I suppose over my career so far I have helped more than 250,000 Spirits ‘to the Light and to ‘pass over properly’.

Just to clarify, a Spirit or Ghost is a previous Human person who for some reason has died but not left the Earth in order to join a place that we might think of as ‘Heaven’. They have instead stayed on Earth as a ‘shadow’ of their former self. Often not realising that they have died. Often still traumatised if they died violently. Or confused if they died suddenly in an accident. But generally they are in a rather ‘grey’ state amongst us, poor things. It is a very good thing to be able to release them and one that I have always been glad to help with.

A few hundred of the Spirits that I have helped were attached to the Auras or Physical Body of Clients that I have worked with. The rest I discovered at Homes of Clients or attached to land either around their homes or at land that I was clearing.

I trained originally as a Professional Dowser with the British Society of Dowsers to work on Clearing Land of Geopathic Stress but it really wasn’t very long before I came across a Spirit and had to figure out how to help. I devised ways of working with Crystals to ease their path by improving the land from negative to positive energy, improving the health of a Client in their home at the same time with issues like sleep etc.

It became evident that Clients had other problems too and would contact me because they had a pain in their body somewhere. So I would check the house and clear it but sometimes the problem persisted. I became aware gradually of the presence of various types of ‘entity’ that could attach to the body and to the Auras of a person to cause problems including pain but also personality changes, anger issues, relationship dysfunction, learning difficulties, repeat illnesses and lowered body immunity to infection, general chaos in life and their homes, and disconnection with friends and family.

Some of these ‘Entities’ and ‘Attachments’ were Spirits that I could read a script to to encourage them to leave and find a path ‘to the light’, like the picture of the man on his path for this blog post. At the point in the script where I talked about a path to the light I could physically feel them leave, having connected to their energy in the first place. This would feel like a relief to me and would sometimes be quite moving. For instance I once talked to the spirit of a little boy and told him that he could play in the light instead and that it would be more fun. He then left. A leader of an ancient battle group was holding his ‘men’ back from passing over so I helped him to realise that he wasn’t at fault for their deaths and they then all passed over. I even had messages back from Spirit to say thank you for my help which was always very humbling, especially when it involved thousands of Spirits on a sort of ‘Spirit Highway’ across a country. An enlightening time!

After adding Crystal Therapy for Health to my ways of helping Clients I realised that ill health was really all about Emotion. I could find exactly the same type of Emotional Energy attached to people as to the land where previous traumas had occurred like conflict sites, epidemics, murders, accidents and so on, with associated Spirits involved. If I cleared the Emotional Energy from the land and the water running under it within a catchment area then I could improve the Health of a Client hugely, but also the Spirits in the land would leave spontaneously. That made life a bit easier! And compassionately they could also leave in larger numbers.

During 2018 I realised suddenly overnight that the energies in the land that I had been working on very intensively around the world were starting to go on their own. I did not have to clear homes anymore leaving me more time to concentrate on a Client’s personal Health instead. That was a surprise! I guess I had done enough over the years for the energy to take the hint!

But I was still receiving calls about Spirits in Homes despite the negative Emotional Energy having been cleared. This was now nothing to do with the Home and all to do with Spirits attached to Auras again. It was evident that the Clients’ energy itself was holding a Spirit in a home, as well as often being attached to the Client too. Holes and other imperfections in their Auras were leaking the sort of Emotional Energy that would hold a Spirit to the Earth still. ‘Feeding them’ with what they needed for comfort if you like. So the solution was, and still is, to improve a Clients’ Auras to become a protective bubble again through Crystal Therapy.

The Auras, the protective layers around the Physical Body that are certainly there even if we can’t see them, prevent our energy leaking out and also prevent other energies getting in. In other words Spirits, Elementals or some of the dark Entities. A whole host of different types of ‘Energy Form’. Most don’t mean to be a problem but some have malicious intent. (You might like to read other blog posts I have written about Negative Entity Attachments including one titled ‘How to Help Someone Whose Behaviour Has Changed Dramatically Recently’).

The Auras can become punctured for a variety of reasons including the presence of too much Emotional Energy attached to the Meridian System of the Body mostly. But also due to accidents particularly those involving incisions, and also surgical operations. I have also found that recreational drugs and tattoos can be a problem too. Anything that either weakens or punctures the Auras will allow other energies in…including Spirits. If the energy on the inside is positive then all the more reason for an Entity to want to be there in a sort of parasite way.

I previously removed Spirit Attachments by ‘remote’ connection and clearing with crystals using my own energy as well. But since the end of 2018 I developed and have been using a single Crystal to both remove ‘Entity Attachments’ from Clients including Spirits, and also to repair and close the Auras. This Crystal is available by Mail Order to use at a time to suit you at home in a Course of Three Treatments. I do not have to be involved or connecting to your energy or that of the Entity which could potentially ‘disturb’ and ‘aggravate’ a Spirit or other attachment, so making it much easier for you. You may have possibly noticed that when trying alternative therapies things become worse for a time? Entities do not like being threatened. Much like we don’t I suppose. There are some Entities that can become much more ‘active’ and a ‘nuisance’ if they feel threatened by removal so the less advance notice the better. Crystal Therapy at home with the programmed Crystal is by far the safest and quickest method to better health without an ‘Attachment’.

So in summary, if you have a problem with a Spirit (Ghost) in your home then I’m afraid there is likely to be an issue with either your Auras or with someone else’s in your home. A visitors energy would eventually leave the house through open doors etc so they cannot be implicated for long. Crystal Therapy is the simplest and kindest method available to repair those Auras which would of course remove any of your own Attachments at the same time. The same method can be applied if you feel you have an issue with a Spirit yourself anyway.

Treatment with Crystal Therapy, which I know seems a bit bizarre but is entirely reliable, involves sitting or lying on a sofa or your bed for 30 minutes with the Pre-Programmed Crystal on your Navel or Belly Button. You may feel the Spirit or Entity leave as a form or sudden relief or relaxation, although the Auric Repair takes longer. The Crystal Therapy in fact works on far more than just Attachments or Auric Repair, about one thousand Energy Changes in fact in the Body, so there are many other benefits to this work.

The Crystal provides a Course of Treatments for this work which is very important to make sure everything has been completed. The Crystal remains available to you at home for other Treatments in the future, to work on Emotional Energy in daily life, keeping that shiny Auric Bubble intact keeping you safe from future Attachment and Energy Leakage.

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