Does Our Health Need To Balance Yin And Yang?

Yes of course! We cannot function easily without a balance of Yin and Yang. But they should be both working together and generally in equal proportions to one another. 

In case the terms are unfamiliar to you then Yin is the calmer aspects of life. Slightly recessive or cool. The sort of energy that holds back. If it was a colour it would be soft white, pastel or a slightly grey colour. Yang on the other hand would want you to know it’s there. Fiery, advancing, definite. But in most aspects of life it is better when there is a balance of both. 

In the context of health we are going to talk about Emotion in terms of Yin and Yang, but it might be an idea to give more of an idea how Yin and Yang work. So let’s take an example say of decorating a room at home with only calm pastel (Yin) colours then in the winter in particular you might lack motivation and get up and go. It might also affect your mood so that you would hold back on opportunity and socialising. If you decorated everywhere in mad bold (Yang) colours involving a lot of red or orange well I think you’d be on the ceiling most of the time, agitated and fretful. You would have no peace at all. That’s why bedrooms are rarely red. Or do as I have done previously with a deep purple wall and put it behind the bedhead so it’s not the colour you see as you wake up! However, if you add moderate accents of bright colour to a pastel scheme, or sufficient pastel or grey type colours to a fiery Yang scheme then it achieves balance. Yin and Yang working together, and harmony is achieved. Just as the image does with the two halves equal. 

Apply that to Health and things appear slightly different. You think you don’t need Negative (Yin) Emotion like Anger or Fear and that you only need Positive (Yang) Emotion. But life is not really like that. Things happen. Negative events are inevitable sometimes. And in terms of balance, an ‘appreciation’ of the moments in life when things have not been so good (eg. if one is unemployed, ending a relationship, or desperately wanting a home for instance) gives you perspective for the future. Balance over a whole life rather than just in the moment. 

To take this a step further, does one actually need Negative Emotion for another reason? Could it possible have a benefit other than teaching us? Well that sounds ok but unfortunately we have so much Emotional Energy in our systems from Past Lives and also from our earlier Present Life that doesn’t need to be there, and which ‘informs’ and creates behaviour that is not balanced, simply by being there. We create the persona that comes from these past experiences and the emotion that goes with them, rather than reflect who we truly are. In an ideal world we would not have all that past emotional ‘baggage’ and then the Negative Emotion wouldn’t affect us as it does. Or not nearly as much. 

Having removed the Negative Emotional Energy from my own system I know that it is still possible to experience additional Negative Emotion in normal everyday life. It still affects me when it occurs in a sufficient situation but it is easily removed with Crystal Work before it gets too entrenched. And it does make me understand the difference between Negative and Positive and to aspire to something altogether better when possible. 

So in the image of Yin and Yang for this post where the two dots represent the need for a bit of each within the other I know that in order for my Health to be balanced I need both Negative and Positive Emotion, even if sometimes I don’t think I want it! I sometimes need to get frustrated or angry, or grieve for a loss, or to fear change for instance. However without the background limiting Emotional Energy in my system I can look at situations more easily and see them for what they are rather than be misled, and can then move forward again. In balance. 

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