What Does My Aura Look Like Today?

Well it’s Valentine’s Day today so with luck it will be lovely and shiny and slightly expanded from normal. But I guess it depends if you are in a couple or not. And if your Auras are intact or not. 

But did you know that couples share a joint Aura? As well as their own personal Aura.

We all have a ‘bubble’ of energy around us that protects us from outside energy. But those in loving relationships also have an extra Aura that is around them both, there all the time but much stronger when they are together. I know that seems a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but then many issues about energy are a bit of a surprise. For instance how connected everything is, no matter how far apart.

But with Valentine’s Day this week it feels appropriate to talk about the connections between those in a relationship. Those invisible but definite ties between people in the nicest possible way. Lines of energy between couples, married or otherwise. Starting from the heart and expanding out entirely throughout the Body and Auras so that you can be one ball of energy together and have an additional Aura to your own personal one that is between both of you! A unique energy connection. Sounds good doesn’t it?

But where do these joint Auras come from?

This is a concept very familiar to Buddhists and I have written about the theme in my Blog Articles previously, but we have certainly had lives Past Lives before. Sometimes many lives before. And in some if not all of those Past Lives you might have known your ‘significant other’ before. You might have been married or partners before. You would most certainly have tried different dynamics within your relationship. And this is all in order for your Soul to grow in experience. Experience that gets carried forward to future lives. 

If you have known anyone before in a previous life, more than likely you will meet again. If you have known them in every life as a partner, from the earliest days of man right through history, then the bonds are very tight indeed. It’s hard to walk away from someone especially if you are in the situation that the relationship is faltering, or if they are with someone else at the time that you meet. And it is as close as close can be to everyone around you if you find yourselves properly together in this lifetime. I have observed couples who find it hard being apart even for a week if they are ‘soul flames’, the highest ‘level’ of coupledom through time.

But why a separate joint Aura? It’s difficult to know precisely but my guess is that something happens on the ‘other side’ before the two people reincarnate again into new lives. Something to do with being reunited in the limbo resting state before returning, such that the joint Aura means that it makes it much easier for them to meet again. Like magnets attracting one another in the next lifetime. But it also means that if one of them dies earlier than the other in the next life the effect for the remaining partner is so much more difficult. You have literally lost a piece of yourself. I think this is possibly why you hear of couples, particularly older ones, who often pass over within a short time of each other. The loss is too great I imagine. 

But to come back to something more cheerful again, if you long for someone in your life I can tell you that chances are you are likely to meet someone that you’ve already known before in another lifetime. The contract is already signed if you like. He or she will appear probably when you least expect it. Perhaps it will be one of those moments when it just ‘feels right’ and meant to be. You’ll know why now!

If you are already in a good healthy relationship then how lovely. I know not everyone likes Valentines Day and with good reason, but if this is your fortune then why not celebrate and cherish those energetic attractions and bonds. Keep them active and loving, all the time. Your health and Auras will benefit as a result!

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