Will Crystal Therapy Improve My Luck?!

Funnily enough it might!

Does everything go wrong at the moment? Job, house, relationships, money…

I know it seems strange but by using a Crystal on your Navel (Belly Button) for 30 minutes, three times, your luck could well improve.

I know there are lots of factors involved in Luck but I have seen with clients many times in the past that their life situations do certainly improve after we have worked together. And not just because their health is improved. Things generally do seem to improve. Job offers suddenly come in. Houses sell. New relationships are started. The Chinese would call this a better flow of ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’. I think they are probably right, even though this is the body we are talking about here rather than a house or a piece of land.

Just to explain, the type of Crystal Therapy that I have developed is involved in removing all forms of Negative Energy from the Body and Auras. This includes removing all blockages on the invisible Meridian System that run through the Body. Closing any holes or imperfections in the Auric bubble so that the good energy can’t leak away (do you see the parallel within leaching bank accounts?). Removing all negative Emotional Energy from the system generally. Then putting good energy back in. Lots of it. Very good Chi!

About 1000 types of energy are worked on or removed in fact in a Treatment. So it’s quite a big job! And all from a programmed Crystal. But, then part way through a Treatment Energy starts to flow again magically. Sometimes you can even feel this happening as a subtle ‘vibration’ through the Body. An extraordinary sensation if you can feel it. I am sure that this new flow of Energy is what contributes to an improvement in Luck. Things working better in all areas of life as a result of increased flow rate and flow of better chi altogether. And of course Physical and Mental Health improve too. Win win!

If you would like to find out more about this form of Crystal Therapy please clink the link to:

www.emotionalwavetherapy.co.uk for a Personal Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack


If you are interested in Feng Shui generally, which is what I have been referring to above, then perhaps you already know that Feng Shui is thought of as the free movement of ‘Wind and Water’. A Feng Shui survey carried out on a house looks at how these two elements flow through a home without getting tangled up with obstacles. In the Health situation I have been talking about above the ‘wind’ movement could be that of Energy moving around inside the Auric bubble without being hampered by big clusters of negative Emotional Energy stopping its free flow. Or in the Body it could be the easy flow of energetic ‘air’ through the Meridian System or Blood through the veins without Energy Blockages getting in the way. The parallels I feel are too close to be coincidence.