Are Your Past Lives Affecting You Now?

Undoubtedly! I have observed that about 86% of our Health actually comes from our Past Lives.

If the concept of Past Lives is new to you then basically this is unlikely to be our first or only life that we have ever lived. You could well have lived many lives before, perhaps hundreds of lives! All different people, different genders, different social standing, and in very different situations to how we live nowadays.

The past was pretty brutal at times and a lot of it was about survival, especially the early man bit. There was also a lot of conflict between settlements and warring factions, illness and epidemic, but also a simpler way of life in some ways than now. It was undoubtedly a more ‘Emotional’ time to be living in than now too. That’s not to say that our lives aren’t pressurised now, but I feel that the Emotions of Tragedy and Fear must have been more common then for instance.

The relevance of Past Lives to our Present Life Health now is that at a young age we start to bring through Emotional Energy from the past into our Present Life bodies. There is a moment in youth often when our Health changes overnight. Its called going onto an Emotional Wave™️. From then on our Emotions that until that point just left our systems spontaneously suddenly start to create Energy Clusters in our Auras, the invisible bubble around the body. These clusters are composed of Emotional Energy. The energy created by Negative Emotion. Things like Fear and Anger for instance. This continues for several years but then Past Life energy can also start to migrate to the Meridian System of the body where it creates blockages of energy within the body as well. Both are preventing healthy flow of positive energy. And will be causing Physical and Mental Health issues as a result. It is noticeable that Good Health only happens when there is an easy flow of Positive Energy.

At some point in early adulthood energy in the form of Emotion starts to appear in the muscles, skin and bones etc of the Present Life Body. Coincidentally when sports injuries often start too. Often these are at sites where we have had a Present Life Injury. But there is more to it than that. This is where we go back to Past Lives again.

Say you had lived life as a Roman Soldier as in the picture. You would surely have been involved in a battle or two in your career and sustained a few injuries. If you’d had say an injury to your shoulder where a spear had been launched at you. Or your foot had been run over by a Ballista wheel. Or your helmet had consistently rubbed on your neck where it was badly fitted. Then the Emotions that you felt at the moment those injuries occurred would have attached themselves as energy to those injury points. They would also have ‘travelled’ with you in every life since in the sense that they recur in following lives. So you could well have had a shoulder pain, a bad ankle or foot, and a stiff or sore neck say in every lifetime since, related to those original injuries. By the way you might also have a birthmark on your shoulder still where that spear pierced your body! But the point is that those Past Life injuries and the Past Life Emotions felt at the time would still be affecting you now. Unless you’ve found a way of removing them. Tricky!

I used to work in Past Life Regression. I worked with hundreds of clients so they could see their own Past Lives whilst in hypnosis. A very light state like having your eyes closed and watching things like a film show. My clients would see themselves clearly in a Past Life situation describing what they were wearing and what they could see and then tell me about the sort of situation with a spear, cart or helmet as described above. When they came out of the hypnosis at the end we would examine the place in their body where the injury had occurred. I would be told ‘oh yes I have a always had a problem with that shoulder’, or ‘I have no end of troubles with my feet’. It always made me smile, and for them to be amazed. The most extraordinary one was when a male client saw himself as a Roman Soldier like that in the picture. He told me how heavy his sword was and how his hands hurt a lot as a result as a young Centurion. He kept repeating it. After his Regression I had a look at his Present Life hands. I have always been able to feel energy as heat through my hands. In this case his hands were ‘red hot’ such that I had to lift my hands off his quickly! So I gave him a specific crystal to hold between his hands and within ten minutes the heat had gone. The Past Life energy in them had been removed. I did this many times with many clients and particularly for Past Life head wounds causing migraines or headaches in this lifetime and even exacerbating MS it seems. Extraordinary.

So to summarise, we have a situation where Emotional Energy and also Past Life Injury Energy can be detected in a Present Life Body, and is still causing problems.

I decided to leave Past Life Regression a while ago and concentrate on Health overall but did not forget the Past Life bit. Through identifying the ‘colourful’ facets of my own Past Lives and the situations that I faced, many of them, I was able in time to ‘programme’ a Crystal to help remove Past Life energy from my clients as well. I have done the same with Present Life energies and injuries and now the Crystal that I have developed is able to work on about 1000 different types of negative energy in the body, of many different types, not just injuries etc. A ‘broad brush’ to Healthcare so to speak.

So my clients are now able to remove the negative effect of their Past Lives from their Health. It doesn’t stop them seeing a Regressionist to be able to ‘see’ their Past Lives for themselves which is fascinating, but they can be assured that the past won’t affect their Health now as it did before.

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PS. I saw myself in one of my own Past Lives on a Roman galleon as a young boy carrying messages from one end of a rowing ship to the other but not as a soldier like this one!