What Does Crystal Therapy Feel Like?

A bit like the image taken in my garden funnily enough! Letting the light in. A clarity and calm that wasn’t there before.

The Crystal is programmed as part of this particular type of Therapy to remove Negative Energy in its many forms and then allow Positive Energy to come streaming back instead. A bit like the lovely light coming through this Crystal.

But what does Crystal Therapy feel like? I can’t speak for the other types of Crystal Therapy but with this Treatment method, as soon as a client puts the Crystal onto their Navel or Belly Button they can feel themselves relax. Physically relax. This means that the Body is going into a new state. Something you may not have experienced for a very long time.

What next? Well someone might feel small ‘twinges’ around their body. Again a physical reaction. For instance a client recently said that almost immediately on using the Crystal he could feel a reaction in his sinuses where he has had a long term problem and for the sensation that he normally felt to stop from then on. Another had a strong sensation in her big toe where she had a lot of damage and inflammation. It in fact became quite painful for a short time and then the inflammation started to go, quite fast! The body was using the programming of the Crystal to make change. The innate ability of the body to use the programming and energy where it feels it is most needed. I have programmed the Crystal to work on about 1000 different Energy Changes by having passed the energy through my own body. But your body will decide, not me or the Crystal, where to use that energy to create change. That could be a Physical change but often the effect is first felt with how one ‘feels’. A psychological change. This is because what we are working on is Emotional Energy created by Emotional Situations in the past. From this lifetime, and from all those that have come before. This brings me to the next point.

The first time you use a Crystal from Emotional Wave Therapy it is programmed to remove the Emotional Energy that has been created by all of your Past Life situations. To deal with the past first and then the present. This may be a new concept to you that we may have lived before and it seems amazing I know but I have worked on this over eight years and have researched many of my own past life situations and felt the energy passing through my system as a result. It has also been proved hundreds of times with clients. Past Lives genuinely exist.

So the first Crystal Treatment is very full if you have had many past lives, as many have. Hundreds in some cases. Virtually the whole of the first Crystal Treatment is devoted to this removal of Past Life Energy. You’d feel this as being deeply relaxing. Switching off for a while, sometimes literally. Many of my clients fall asleep for the first session, and sometimes for several hours afterwards. Which is why I give instructions about expecting this and being somewhere that won’t matter if the Crystal falls off the body!

In subsequent Treatments, for this is definitely a Course of Treatments, you might feel less need to sleep but still feel relaxed as more of the Negative Energy is removed. More physical changes and small reactions during Treatment might occur. You might also notice that a symptom from the fast, generally a Physical one, might reoccur for a few hours or days to then disappear again. As if it’s returning to say ‘hello’ again to then leave permanently. Possibly having still lurked in the system somewhere waiting for the right time to come cause a problem again. This is very much a ‘clear out’ of energy. By the way the same returning of symptoms happens with Homeopathy for which I also have great respect.

Probably the biggest effect at the moment with this Treatment is with Mental Health. A change in attitude generally in everyday life. The way that Emotional Situations are approached. A balancing and evening out of Emotions and the way that they are expressed. Its possible that you won’t notice this as much as others around you do but there will be times when you look back and think things have really changed. This work is all about Emotion so it stands to reason that Mental Health would come first. But the Physical will follow. It just takes a little longer and is more complex. As it stands at the moment at January 2019 I think I am about 50% of the way through Physical Health but almost 95% through Mental Health.

Hopefully this gives you some idea anyway of what can happen with this particular type of Crystal Therapy. If you would like to read more of what my clients have noticed about this Treatment then have a look at my Testimonials page. Or there are quotes on my Home page too. To order a Crystal then please look out for the Personal Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack.

By the way, the crystal is Selenite and is the type that you would receive in a Treatment Pack, pre-programmed for your use. It is not regular Selenite I’m afraid but is now ‘super powered’ from programming for your use!!