The Hidden Powers of Marmalade!

Does marmalade have hidden powers? Why yes it does!

But not quite as you think it would. Though goodness it smells good!

I am investigating the effect of food on energy and health at the moment whilst I start to write a Cookbook about using food as a Healing method with SuperFoods. The idea is that if you have used Crystal Therapy my way for a while and as a result you are now on your true ‘Vibrational Wave’ for energy in the body rather than an ‘Emotional Wave™️’ then food can be used to:

  • Push energy around the body. 

  • To help remove any mobilised negative energy. 

  • To generally kick start the system. 

  • To make the body work more efficiently. 

Well lots of benefits that I am discovering at the moment, including trimming those excess Christmas ounces! 

So to the marmalade again…Well I have been investigating spices and their effect on creating Energy Boosts in the body today. I found a bag of Seville oranges reduced in the supermarket which were just too good to resist. I took a trusted marmalade recipe and added a vanilla pod and its seeds and about 10 cardamom pods to the preserving pan. Yes I know I’m giving the game away, but it is in the picture! The smell was amazing as I said. But the taste the next day once it had cooled was incredible. And the effect on my system of just a teaspoonful was extraordinary. Rocket powered for hours to begin with! Since I have made three big jars of it thankfully I can now have it with yoghurt for breakfast until I figure out a jam recipe to come. I know I’m very sensitive to energy but this keeps me motivated and keen til lunchtime easily.

I will be posting other food ideas as I come across them so look at my Blog again for more. But if you would like to receive news about the Cookbook when it is launched (eBook) then Sign Up to my Mailing List on my Contact Page here

You might like to also have a read of my website to see how I use Crystal Therapy to improve Physical and Mental Health with Self Administered Crystal Treatment at Home (Personal Crystal therapy Treatment Pack) in order for the food recipes to have the best possible effect on the body.