Upgrading And Improving Your Internal Browser Speed

I was upgrading my browser to a different company today and finding out just how much quicker everything is now and had to laugh...it's a lot like clearing a Meridian System of the body of Energy Blockages! All of a sudden energy can flow again. Freedom of movement and super fast. In fact lightning speed. The sluggishness gone. Life full of possibility again. Well the browsing variety anyway!

Health and Wellbeing are slightly more complicated than that. But the principle still remains. Remove blockages to the flow of energy round the body and all of a sudden the body can start processing energy again properly. It gets to the right parts of the body where it's needed. All good.

I have at times worked on my own system to be able to feel that flow of energy re-established after I have cleared something. A noticeable rushing or 'streaming' of energy, particularly through the legs. It's always lovely confirmation that what I have done is beneficial, and often accompanied by a 'feel good' factor too. That's due to the removal of Emotional Energy, the former blockage point. It stands to reason that removing a blockage of negative emotion should make life feel better, lighter.

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