The Clapham Train Crash, PTSD and The Effect of Trauma Emotion

Thirty years ago I was involved in the Clapham Train Crash. For those who know me they will recognise that this was a turning point in my life. A moment at which life was never quite the same again.

Mercifully I was far enough back in the train to receive only minor physical injuries but the psychological scars went on for many years, and judging by my reaction to hearing that there has been a Service of Memorial for the Train Crash on its 30th Anniversary which I wasn't aware of, I can say that the psychological 'memory' is still there. Not as it was and my goodness I have done a lot of work on myself one way or another to make sure that I could progress in life. But still there.

You see I should have been in the front coach that day. The people I normally sat with were very sadly killed. The survivors guilt haunted me for a very long time. But my life had to move on. It took me a long time but my search for help led me ultimately to the way that I work now.

I was deeply affected by PTSD. An emotional 'dis-ease' in the system. I can now recognise that as a huge number of Emotional Energy blockages on the Meridian System related to the various emotions that I was feeling at the time. This was just pre-disaster counselling emerging. A number of accidents in a short period of time made PTSD and post accident trauma counselling an excellent new initiative. If I had had counselling straight away and not just dragged myself onto another train that day then Emotional Energy wouldn't have been allowed to affect me for the next 20 or so years. Talking it out immediately would have helped. At least at the level of the mind that is uppermost. I would still have needed to deal with the energetic aftermath on the Meridian System. But things would have been much better.

My reason for writing this is...if you are someone who has been involved in a traumatic incident, a major accident, someone suffering from PTSD, someone who finds life difficult due to emotions connected with an 'event', then I might be able to help. Talk about it definitely but perhaps I can suggest that you give Crystal Therapy a try? The picture attached to this Blog Article is me working at my desk developing ways of helping people with emotional situations and mental health issues through the use of crystals. At this point I was working with clients 'remotely' ie. from my desk to where they were. Nowadays I do this by sending a client a Mail Order Crystal Treatment Pack so they can self administer the Treatments at home themselves. This gives them a very direct Treatment but also means that they can keep the Treatments going for as long as is needed to get back on course. It works very gently, relaxing the body, helping sleep develop again, smoothing the edges of how one feels during the day, and generally 'joining up the dots' again. A ‘low tech solution’ to feeling better and allowing the body to get back to ‘normal' again.

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Updating this a month later:

Having looked for some time I have now been able to source an appropriate type of Crystal to offer a type of Crystal Therapy Treatment specifically aimed at helping those suffering the aftermath and early days after a major Trauma or for Grief Issues. This might be a Bereavement, a major Accident, violence of some sort, dreadful Job news, or the devastating feelings associated with a Separation from a long term Partner. Whatever it is, this Crystal can be used over the heart once a day for seven days as soon as possible after the event to provide some relief and to prevent the troublesome Emotional Energy from attaching to the Meridian System to cause future Physical and Mental Heath Issues in the future. It can be followed by the main Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack for long term health improvement, but this is an important time in which Crystal Therapy could really make a difference. I wish I had had Crystal Therapy available then…

For further information about this Trauma and Grief Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack please have a look on my Ordering Page here to read more about it.