I Can't Keep New Years Resolutions!

I can’t keep and don't do New Year's Resolutions. I never have. I know I won't keep them anyway. Not for lack of willpower. Well sometimes if it's chocolate! It's more to do with living every day if possible as well as possible. Seeing the positive. Finding forward movement in some way. A refreshing walk to get the system moving....decluttering...drinking more water....visiting a friend or family member. Cooking always works with me as well. Whatever it is that 'fires you up'. If that is impossible because it just doesn't feel right or you're not emotionally up to it then more than likely you have something stuck somewhere. Energy stuck on your Meridian System preventing good flows round the body. At some point in your life an Emotional Event has led to energy creating a blockage. Think of it as being a bit like a blockage in a vein or artery. It makes energy movement difficult from then on. Life doesn't work well. Your feelings can be all over the place. You approach situations in an unhelpful or hindering way. Jobs or income falter. Relationships are tricky. Life is effectively a bit stagnant or 'sad'. What you need is a 'rocket' in there to blast away those New Year blues. A course of Crystal Therapy perhaps?! That should help a lot. And if nothing else you will restore your bounce to make those resolutions.....

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PS. This is me, Sarah Payne, in the picture. Life is good on Scilly!