How To Help Someone Whose Behaviour Has Changed Dramatically Recently

This feels like a topical subject at Christmas with the number of times I have heard recently in Christmas letters how someone's son or daughter's behaviour has changed in the last year and Mental Health has been mentioned.

I have written countless times in the past about how damage to a person's Auras can create holes that let negative energy 'Attachment's in to the person's system to create change in their demeanour, behaviour, moods, relationships, family harmony and so on. Auras are the invisible ‘bubble’ of layers around our Physical Body that protect us and also hold our precious energy in. You might not be able to see them but they are definitely there, even reduced in poor health. The holes in the Auras have often but not always come about through the amount of Emotional Energy that is present in the overall system, and particularly attached as blockages to the Meridian System…another invisible but present system of energy lines like arteries running around our body carrying a good flow of energy. The Emotional Energy basically makes the Auric bubble around the physical body weak in places. Eventually the Aura gives way at the weak spots and life changes from then on.

I could bet a million dollars that 'Attachments' are not something that a medic would talk about, let alone know about. But they certainly exist.

I have worked with a huge number of particularly young people with these sort of problems. Through Crystal Therapy we have removed the 'attachments', removed the Emotional Energy that caused the weak spots in the Auras, and then repaired  the Auras themselves to prevent it happening again. A formerly aggressive young man for instance getting into fights etc becomes a happy fellow again connecting with his family and friends. Or a young lady confining herself to her room with her mobile starts to engage with the world again and is transformed in nature. It's obviously not just confined to the youth but there is definitely a trend happening here at the moment. There is some change in the immune system and background health that makes the young susceptible to trouble. I am not foolish enough to state what I think some of it is due to. But the Emotional Energy part of it could well be made worse by too much self analysis and comparison with peers through social media and 'Celebrity' culture. Mental Health issues are undoubtedly spiralled by thoughts taking root in the psyche and then growing in strength.

The reason for writing this article is to provide a suggestion as to how you could help someone whose behaviour has changed suddenly, or even for someone who is withdrawing from society, backing out of social engagements, ending friendships unexpectedly, and so on.  A Course of Crystal Therapy could possibly help them turn the corner. Three of four sessions could help them start a new and maybe better life than before. For life to start to 'flow' again. This can happen at home with a Mail Order Treatment Pack delivered to their door as a well meaning gift. Or ordered direct via this website. This could help them in more ways than with just the immediate need of removing ‘Energy Attachments’. 

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