How Do We Reach Balance And Equilibrium Easily?

Balance and Equilibrium in Action!

These are Cairns on the Scilly Isles. I was struck at the time by how fantastic they looked. Requiring perfect balance and concentration the higher they rose or they would just fall over. Having had a go myself it was harder than I realised. But by letting go and letting instinct take over it was achievable. So I repeated it many times just because I could. Great fun. Plus lovely stress relief! There are hundreds of cairns on Scilly in fact so others must have enjoyed just the same release of control for a moment and taken some risks to see what would happen.

Today I had a salutary lesson in that sort of Balance, all day! Loading my replacement website I needed to remove some excess pages. So click click and away they went. Except that by mistake I deleted my whole Blog. Oh my goodness! No way of rescuing it, no save button. But then in loading new images and text for the replacement blog I noticed something interesting. With every image that I loaded there was a ‘moment’ when I was moving the cursor when cropping the image that the energy of the image suddenly went into balance. A sort of ‘click’ when things were in balance energetically. Moving images around the page, putting in the size of headings, setting out the text all reached a moment of Balance.

I have noticed this energy balance and equilibrium many times before with Feng Shui. Moving pictures around the house and finding that when they are in the ‘right’ place energetically this ‘click’ happens. Not an audible one of course. But something happens that is indefinable. A moment when it’s just ‘right’. Another example might be when you move a piece of furniture and when it’s in the right place you just know. Or when arranging flowers and when they are in the right combination and form it again suddenly feels right and no other arrangement will do from then on. Balance or Equilibrium has been reached.

Energy is curious. If you ‘notice’ you realise there are very potent forces at work that we can’t see, feel or touch let alone control who provide this ‘balance’ for us if we let them. It’s like Crystal work on the body. The Crystals are fantastic at bringing rogue cells back into balance without us having to be involved. An innate knowledge that we have to trust. Removing blockages on the Meridian System, eliminating negative energy from the Auras, realigning energy in the body generally. A marvel. So as I continue my work with Crystal Therapy I will think of the cairns on Scilly and Balance as I trust the knowledge of the Crystals. implementing my work to good effect for clients without me having to be there.

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