How Can You Not Smile At Blueberries?!

This little image of a known and rather wonderful 'super food' made me think of the Emotional connection we have with food. I looked at the image and smiled. It looks healthy and so my Emotions connected with it were positive.

To be honest I don't view many foods as unhealthy anyway in the traditional nutritional sense but many folk viewing a picture of a slab of juicy steak might wince. Or a pack of butter. Or anything other than a herbal tea in the way of a beverage. When I started my work into the relationship between Health and Emotions I would look at everything around me or within my life and see how they affected me Emotionally. If the Emotional response was negative to anything at all then I would assess why and try and 'reprogramme' my thinking to a more positive response. And life, including food, improved as a result. I am fairly 'careful' about my diet anyway but I do now enjoy food without guilt or concern. All of it. Which I suppose is why when setting up photos for this website and thinking of someone sitting down to read the website or information in a Crystal Therapy Pack, or to order their Crystal, it was quite instinctive to me to think of the positivity of doing it with a cup of tea of good espresso to hand. Food has become a joy again and I feel that my health is all the better for it. Family meals and cooking together have always been important but now we do it with greater joy! Morning coffee or afternoon tea is an opportunity and pleasant ritual. I can see why it is so many countries of the world. Food shopping is more varied and exciting. I look forward to eating out more than ever. And my palette of food at home is broader. I can feel my body literally 'widen' in interest about food every time rather than 'narrow' in anxiety.

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