Can You Survive The Pressure of Christmas?

Is Christmas getting to you this year?! Too much stress and tension, family disharmony, a dread of the pressures to come, a sadness about a family member no longer with you... there is still time for a session or two of Crystal Therapy before the 'big day' to help things along a bit.

This situation could also apply to Weddings, Exam Nerves, a Court Case, Divorce, a Bereavement and so on. The situation might apply to any emotional charged event in fact. Crystal Therapy can be used to 'take the load off' the situation so that you can approach the event more calmly and with more clarity.

Emotional Wave Therapy might also get to the original root of the problem which could in fact be due to Emotional Energy building up throughout your life from all the Emotional events you have ever faced. This sort of energy forms blockages on the Meridian System so that effectively nothing in the way of energy flows again in the way it should do and life gets stuck and 'Emotional' from then on. Stuck on an ‘Emotional Wave' rather than the ease of a Normal Vibrational Wave, with accompanying physical issues related to the Emotions that you have experienced.

The answer? Have a look here and see if you think the Personal Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack will help...