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The Pressures of Christmas

December 12, 2018

Is Christmas getting to you this year?! Too much stress and tension, family disharmony, a dread of the pressures to come, a sadness about a family member no longer with you... there is still time for a session or two of Crystal Therapy before the 'big day' to help things along a bit. This situation could also apply to Weddings, Exam Nerves, a Court Case, Divorce, a Bereavement and so on. The situation might apply to any emotional charged event in fact. Crystal Therapy can be used to 'take the load off' the situation so that you can approach the event more calmly and with more clarity. Emotional Wave Therapy might also get to the original root of the problem which could in fact be due to Emotional Energy building up throughout your life from all the emotional events you have ever faced. This sort of energy forms blockages on the meridian system so that effectively nothing in the way of energy flows again in the way it should do and life gets stuck and 'emotional' from then on. Stuck on an emotional 'wave' rather than the ease of a normal vibrational wave, with accompanying physical issues related to the emotions that you have experienced. The answer? Have a look here and see if you think it will help...

Food and Emotion

December 13, 2018

This little image of a known and rather wonderful 'super food' made me think of the emotional connection we have with food. I looked at the image and smiled. It looks healthy and so my emotions connected with it were positive. To be honest I don't view many foods as unhealthy anyway in the traditional nutritional sense but many folk viewing a picture of a slab of juicy steak might wince. Or a pack of butter. Or anything other than a herbal tea in the way of a beverage. When I started my work into the relationship between health and emotion I would look at everything around me or within my life and see how they affected me emotionally. If the emotional response was negative to anything at all then I would assess why and try and 'reprogramme' my thinking to a more positive response. And life, including food, improved as a result. I am fairly 'careful' about my diet but I do now enjoy food without guilt or concern. All of it. Which I suppose is why when setting up photos for this website and thinking of someone sitting down to read the website or information in a treatment pack, or to order their crystal, it was quite instinctive to me to think of the positivity of doing it with a cup of tea of good espresso to hand. Food has become a joy again and I feel that my health is all the better for it. Family meals and cooking together have always been important but now we do it with greater JOY! Morning coffee or afternoon tea is an opportunity and pleasant ritual. I can see why it is so in the Far East too. Food shopping is more varied and exciting. I look forward to eating out more than ever. And my palette of food at home is broader. I can feel my body literally 'widen' in interest every time rather than 'narrow' in anxiety. If you would like more information on how important emotions are to health then please click here to be taken to my Home page for Emotional Wave Crystal Therapy at Home.

Upgrading a Browser and improving 'Flow'!

December 17, 2018

I was upgrading my browser to a different company today and finding out just how much quicker everything is now and had to's a lot like clearing a meridian of the body of an energy blockage! All of a sudden energy can flow again. Freedom of movement and super fast. In fact lightning speed. The sluggishness gone. Life full of possibility again. Well the browsing variety anyway! Health is slightly more complicated than that. But the principle still remains. Remove blockages to the flow of energy round the body and all of a sudden the body can start processing energy again properly. It gets to the right parts of the body where it's needed. All good. I have at times worked on my own system to be able to feel that flow of energy re-established after I have cleared something. A noticeable rushing or 'streaming' of energy, particularly through the legs. It's always lovely confirmation that what I have done is beneficial, and often accompanied by a 'feel good' factor too. That's due to the removal of Emotional Energy, the former blockage point. It stands to reason that removing a blockage of negative emotion should make life feel better, lighter. If you would like further information on how removing energy blockages from the body improves health and wellbeing then click here to be taken to the home page of my website

How To Help Someone Whose Behaviour Has Changed Dramatically Recently

How To Help Someone Whose Behaviour Has Changed Dramatically Recently

December 21, 2018

This feels like a topical subject at Christmas with the number of times I have heard recently in Christmas letters how someone's son or daughter's behaviour has changed in the last year and Mental Health has been mentioned. I have written countless times in the past about how damage to a person's auras can create holes that let negative energy 'attachment's in to the person's system to create change in their demeanour, behaviour, moods, relationships, family harmony and so on. The holes have often but not always come about through the level of Emotional Energy that is present in their system, and particularly attached as blockages to the meridian system. It basically makes the auric bubble around the physical body weak in places. Eventually they give way at the weak spots and life changes from then on. I could bet a million dollars that 'attachments' are not something that a medic would talk about, let alone know about. But they certainly exist. I have worked with a huge number of particularly young people with these sort of problems. Through Crystal Therapy we have removed the 'attachments', removed the Emotional Energy that caused the weak spots in the auras, and then repaired  the auras themselves to prevent it happening again. A formerly aggressive young man getting into fights etc becomes a happy fellow again connecting with his family and friends. A young woman confining herself to her room with her mobile starts to engage with the world again and is transformed in nature. It's obviously not just confined to the youth but there is definitely a trend happening here at the moment. There is some change in their immune system and background health that makes them susceptible to trouble but I am not foolish enough to state what I think that is due to. But the Emotional Energy part of it could well be exacerbated by too much self analysis and comparison with peers through social media and 'Celebrity' culture. Mental health issues are undoubtedly spiralled by thoughts taking root in the psyche and then growing in strength. The reason for writing this article is to provide a suggestion as to how you could help someone whose behaviour has changed suddenly, or even for someone who is withdrawing from society, backing out of social engagements, ending friendships surprisingly and so on.  A session or two of Crystal Therapy could possibly help them turn the corner. Three of four sessions could help them start a new and maybe better life than before. For life to start to 'flow' again. This can happen at home with a mail order Treatment Pack delivered to their door as a well meaning gift. Or ordered direct via this website. No one need know but this could help them in more ways than just the immediate need. 

If you would like further information on how Crystal Therapy at Home can improve health and wellbeing then click here to be taken to the home page of my website

The Long Process of Developing Crystal Therapy to Improve Physical and Psychological Health

The Clapham Train Crash, PTSD and The Effect of Emotion

December 21, 2018

Thirty years ago I was involved in the Clapham Train Crash. For those who know me they will recognise that this was a turning point in my life. A moment at which life was never quite the same again. Mercifully I was far enough back in the train to receive only minor physical injuries but the psychological scars went on for many years, and judging by my reaction to hearing that there has been a Service of Memorial for the Train Crash on its 30th Anniversary which I wasn't aware of, I can say that the psychological 'memory' is still there. Not as it was and my goodness I have done a lot of work on myself one way or another to make sure that I could progress in life. But still there. You see I should have been in the front coach that day. The people I normally sat with were killed. The survivors guilt haunted me for a very long time. moves on. It took me a long time but my search for help led me ultimately to the way that I work now. I was deeply affected by PTSD. An emotional 'dis-ease' in the system. I can now recognise that as a huge number of Emotional Energy blockages on the meridian system related to the various emotions that I was feeling at the time. This was just pre-disaster counselling emerging. A number of accidents in a short period of time made PTSD and post accident trauma counselling an excellent new initiative. If I had had counselling straight away and not just dragged myself onto another train that day then Emotional Energy wouldn't have been allowed to affect me for the next 20 or so years. Talking it out would have helped. At least at the level in the mind that is uppermost. I would still have needed to deal with the energetic aftermath on the meridian system. But things would have been much better. My reason for writing this is...if you are someone who has been involved in a traumatic incident, a major accident, someone suffering from PTSD, someone who finds life difficult due to emotions connected with an 'event', then I might be able to help. Talk about it definitely but perhaps I can suggest that you give Crystal Therapy a try? The picture attached to this blog article is me working at my desk a while ago developing ways of helping people with emotional situations and health issues through the use of crystals. At this point I was working with clients 'remotely' ie. from my desk to where they were. Nowadays we do this by sending a client a mail order Crystal Treatment Pack so they can self administer the treatments at home themselves. This gives them a very direct treatment but also means that they can keep the treatments going for as long as is needed to get back on course. It works very gently, relaxing the body, helping sleep develop again, smoothing the edges of how one feels during the day, and generally 'joining up the dots' again. A low tech solution to feeling better and allowing the body to get back to 'normal' again. If you would like further information on how Crystal Therapy at Home can improve health and psychological wellbeing then click here to be taken to the home page of my website

Happiness is all we can hope to strive for in life!

A New Year, A New You!

January 2nd, 2019

 I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I never have. I know I won't keep them anyway. Not for lack of willpower, well sometimes if it's chocolate! It's more to do with living every day if possible as well as possible. Seeing the positive. Finding forward movement in some way. A refreshing walk to get the system moving....decluttering...drinking more water....visiting a friend or family member. Cooking always works with me as well! Whatever it is that 'fires you up'. If that is impossible because it just doesn't feel right or you're not emotionally up to it then more than likely you have something stuck somewhere. Energy stuck on your meridian system preventing good flows round the body. At some point in your life an emotional event has led to energy creating a blockage. Think of it as being a bit like a blockage in a vein or artery. It makes energy movement difficult from then on. Life doesn't work well. Your feelings can be all over the place. You approach situations in an unhelpful or hindering way. Jobs or income falter. Relationships are tricky. Life is effectively a bit stagnant or 'sad'. What you need is a 'rocket' in there to blast away those New Year blues. A course of Crystal Therapy perhaps?! That should help a lot. And if nothing else you will restore your bounce to make those resolutions.....

If you would like further information on how Crystal Therapy at Home can improve health and psychological wellbeing then click here to be taken to the home page of my website

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