About Sarah

Professional Crystal Therapist and Energy Intuitive

I don’t profess to be a Scientist, or Mystic. In fact I am not entirely sure that I fit any conventional ‘label’ other than that I have been given the chance to be a ‘pioneer’ in Health.

Following careers as a Management Consultant, and Garden Designer for 20 years, I trained extensively and developed a busy and involving business working as a Professional Dowser with Energy from the Land and Health, known as The Suffolk Dowser, and connected with People and their Health across the World. I could feel the difference between positive and negative energy at a great distance away from the site or the person in question. I worked on some pretty unusual cases and was never afraid of working with Spirits or other random energies affecting Auras or Physical Health. I developed the skill to ‘see’ negative energy on a satellite image of the Land and pretty much always found something much different and older in nature than my Peers.

Early on in my Dowsing career I realised that I was a bit different. Everything I found was different to everyone else, but extremely valid and I feel that I was probably ‘sent’ some pretty unusual cases to deal with as ‘training’. Ancient Settlements dramatically affecting a modern day housing estate. Conflict between Tribes of the past leaving huge Energetic Imprints of these battles in the Land to affect people now. Emotional Imprints of epidemics, murder, rape and pillage across the land as far back as 90,000 BC. I made a career of Clearing Land of Energy that others did not seem to be able to find or see for some reason. Hundreds of clients homes across the world were cleared of energy affecting them greatly, and became much better as a result. Emotion from Ancient Man was always the biggest threat to how a house could ‘feel’ or the effect it could have on a person’s health or sleep.

After a while I realised that the Emotions that I was finding in the Land were like a ‘tag’ attached to the water, expressing man’s past Emotional Energy. Water running under a Conflict Site could pick up the Fear, Anger or Hate that had been expressed there. The sorrow of the Warrior’s Wife finding his body after Battle that I could still feel in my body acutely not only stayed in the Land but attached itself to the water at this point, and then could travel with the water elsewhere, with no limits as to where it went or who it would affect. I developed a way of identifying and removing what I named GeoEmotional Stress at source, and within a home’s Watercourse area, around the world, working intensively wherever I could, until one day inexplicably it started to leave on its own. I guess I must have done enough to ease its path and send it on it’s way.

There are still places in the world needing help with Energy in the Land and I will be working on this gradually. But my focus has now returned to the effect of Emotion directly on the Body rather than that running under the ground. The same type of Emotion that was was attached to the Watercourse previously but now without ‘feeding’ and replenishing the body all the time with Negative Energy. Still much to do but so much better now.

About three years ago I realised that I was starting to ‘hear’ guidance as well as feel it through the Pendulum as a Dowser. It took time to accept this new direction and like any skill it took time to develop but now I ‘hear’ much of the time and no longer need to Dowse as my main Diagnostic Tool. It has become a constant in my life, with a purpose. I can discuss, analyse, investigate and determine ways forward together with my ‘guide’ in our search for the answer to the continuing puzzle of ill health in man. I decide on avenues of research where Emotion could be implicated in a problem very determinedly. But this is definitely a joint venture.

There were several times in my life when I might not have survived for one reason or another but a voice or person saved me each time (of the spiritual variety!), people who later did not appear to exist. Various crumbs of information and messages for me to follow. Much to think about but with little to read and understand at the time as to ‘why me’ and ‘what is happening’. I have always though as a result felt that I was meant for something. A task of some sort. Something I needed to do. It gave me Trust, which is hard found at times in the Modern World. Not ‘faith’ as such but a connection with another realm that could help sort out our health mess, together.

Sometimes this nudging guidance is in a very provocative and humorous way. Sometimes it is supportive when we are investigating the powerful effect of energy running through my body to see the outcome. Often with joy, frustration, tiredness, elation at a result, relief at moving on to the next bit, and the next. But at every stage despite my constant desire for ‘proof’ and that maybe we just need to investigate this or that first, it always seems to achieve.

What we do is not ‘Scientific’ but it has Rhythm, Analysis, Care, Research, Repeated Checks until it is right. It shouldn’t work. Using a Crystal to change someone’s whole Psychological and Mental Health makeup shouldn’t work should it? Translating that into Physical Health shouldn’t work either. It’s just not ‘Scientific’…

But something happens. The ‘Innate Knowledge' of the Body and what to do with the Energy inbuilt into a Programmed Crystal means that change does takes place. Sometimes immediately and in a very profound way, generally though more slowly and with measured ability over a Course of Crystal Treatments. Health is still very complex, but this is one step forward.

I will continue to develop this Mode of Therapy to hopefully achieve the same in the Physical Health realm in the future as I believe has been achieved already by this Therapy in the field of Wellbeing, Psychological and Mental Health.

There are few of us that ‘hear’ but have been given and have encouraged this ‘ability’ happily to help others