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Would you like Better Health & Wellbeing?

Anxiety & Depression holding you back?

Mental Health Issues troubling you?

Emotions could be the root cause…

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I have had many treatments in my life from the alternative complementary sector, and found this to be the most powerful. However it works, it works!
You should be very proud of your abilities. I have had many different treatments from different people over the years and yours definitely carries big power!


Working with clients

across the world

I developed a method

of improving health

from the inside out


I discovered the hidden issues that medicine doesn’t work on…and a Crystal can remove.

Five years research to be able to programme a single Crystal to work on everyone’s health.

All you have to do is sit on your sofa or bed for 30 minutes with the Crystal.

Repeat this three times in a Course of Treatments.

Everything else has been done for you!

More Energy

Less Anxiety

Better Sleep

Greater Focus & Clarity

Improved Sense of Self

Better Relationships

An Easier Life

… all from a crystal!

“If we could remove

Emotional Energy

then we could be free”

This is an image for the alternative Trauma and Grief Crystal Therapy Treatment for Emotional Wave Therapy

Trauma and Grief Pack

If you have suffered a recent Traumatic event then this may be an alternative Pack to help you, or to send to a Friend in need with a Personal Message

Sarah Payne Who Developed  Emotional Wave Therapy  To Improve Health And Wellbeing Through Crystal Therapy

Sarah Payne

Emotional Wave Therapy was developed by Sarah to provide an alternative solution to Ill Health created by Emotion

Ready To Order Your Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack from Emotional Wave Therapy?

The ‘main’ Crystal Therapy Pack

Read more about how Emotional Energy is removed through a course of Crystal Therapy with resulting benefits for Mental and Physical Health

Physically I can feel a few things starting, but spiritually I feel much lighter. A real feeling of peace and contentment. It’s lovely. Whatever the crystal did please let it happen again! I feel like my soul went to weight watchers x
The box arrived today and oh joy the contents are just gorgeous! Like a Tiffany’s box. It made me feel very special before I’d even taken the crystal out, thank you!

The Low Tech Solution

To Better Health