Improve Your Health at Home with Crystal Therapy

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A Unique Service of Professional Health Treatment 

Self-Administered At Home

  • A professionally developed course of Crystal Therapy treatments designed to be used relaxed at home
  • Deal with life events as they happen rather than letting them build up
  • Full instructions provided so you have a good understanding of how to get the very most from this service
  • A good value way of providing quality treatment from home that enables you to have a better understanding of your own health
  • An empowering way for you to make life changes in conjunction with the treatments, for future preventative health
  • A service that can be sent to a friend, a loved one or child at Uni to give them a 'lift' at a difficult time
Unpacking a Treatment Pack for Emotional Wave Crystal Therapy

" Physically I can feel a few things starting, but spiritually I feel much lighter. A real feeling of peace and contentment. It’s lovely. Whatever the crystal did, please let it happen ​again! I feel like my soul went to weight watchers x "

- Name of Person

What can I expect from this therapy?

It's essentially 'joining up the dots', removing the excess emotional load from life and getting things flowing again. Life might have been piling up on you a bit or your home or work relationships are suffering. But by working with a Crystal that can all ease. Getting back to a baseline. Finding a grounding point if you like. Then life can feel more straightforward and clearer. 

It's not 'magic' though the first session can be transformative. It then progresses slowly and steadily. But by looking back after say three sessions you can see evident change. Your friends and family will too! If you can join in and recognise the power of positive thinking and action over the course of treatments then the effect will be all the greater. 

By ‘taking the load off’ with Crystal Therapy the body seems to be able to process energy in a better way, the meridian system to 'flow' more easily, and a greater feeling of wellbeing helps to ‘repattern’ behaviour so that life moves along more easily. Physical and mental health benefits as well as a marked increased sense of wellbeing have been reported by my clients. 

How does th​is therapy differ from conventional Crystal treatment?

Other than the fact that you are in charge of your own treatment by using this professionally designed service at home, I believe this type of treatment to be a unique positive upgrade since it: 

Treats the body entirely including the auras and meridians. 

It also removes Emotional Energy blockages from the whole of this lifetime. 

Removes any energies from other people that might have become attached to us. 

It improves the way that we relate to and are connected to others fact it works on everything in our life!

A more holistic approach to health and preventative 'medicine' creating 

more chance of 'success' in this lifetime.

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